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Only last week MM said Malaysians are mentally immature to engage in debates. He said debates will not get us anywhere but make the situation worse.

Then two days ago, during a question and answer session after the “National Patriotism and Politic Convention – The Real Direction” talk held at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, he urged university students to focus entirely on their studies rather than get involved in street demonstrations. According to him, the government has proper avenues such as dialogues, debates and political forums for these young people to voice their grouses. He urged them to use these platforms instead of going on the streets as were seen in recent times.

I think he is suffering from Alzheimer, a dreadful disease that slowly eats away the brain cells. One moment he said Malaysians are not suitable to engage in intelligent discussions and the next moment, he encouraged them to voice out their frustrations instead of taking to the streets. Now, once and for all,  which is the correct way – to walk or to talk?

However, much to his dismay, not many young people would bother to talk now, not when the government refuses to listen to them. So how to send their messages across except to go out to the streets in doves, unfurl their banners and voice out their unhappiness? Yes, that is what young people are doing nowadays, despite facing brutal backlash from the police. They do not mind the water cannon, the tear gas, and the beatings from the boys in blue. Some even got to spend the night in police lock-ups. They just wanted to say their piece of mind and then go home. What’s the fuss really?

It is not only university students who are coming out to the streets. Retirees, handicaps, housewives, the working class, even the jobless – anyone who loves and cares about this country would not hesitate to come out to the streets to walk in solidarity with their fellow countrymen in these trying times. I think only those still living in fear of treats or who are ignorant of the country’s mismanagement or who have economic benefits from the authorities will choose to stay comfortably at home while the rest of us do the battle for them.

If an elderly lady dared to walk in the streets of Kuala Lumpur, gave the boys in blue some tongue-lashing during last year’s Bersih 2.0 and children coming out in green tees during Sunday’s Himpunan Hijau 2.0 in Kuantan, shouldn’t the university students come out too? Fortunately for this country’s future, many did and I saluted them for their bravery.

A street demonstration, something you cannot see in the past under MM’s time, is now very trendy among the young. It is very cool to be seen in one! After taking part in a street demonstration, the young participants would immediately upload their pictures and messages onto Facebook and within minutes, the event will spread like wild-fire throughout the world – see, MM cannot do anything about it!

I think there will only be more street demonstrations in the near future, looking at how things are going now. Good! Get your walking shoes ready, we are going out for a walk in the streets! Bersih 3.0 and Himpunan Hijau 3.0 anyone?


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