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In Malaysia, if you do not have a brain, you can simply substitute it with a burger. Or even a butt.

Following Bersih 3.0’s success on 28th April, some dimwits calling themselves “Iklas” decided to rile Ambiga Sreenevesan by setting up a burger stall in front of her house in Bukit Damansara last Thursday. They made about 200 burgers and gave them away for free as a gesture of protest for their loss of income as a result of the biggest public rally which they claimed affected their business that day.

“Iklas” means sincere. One can’t help but wonder on whose instruction they acted upon. With the police looking on happily and no one lift his finger to stop these intruders, the answer is as easy as ABC. I can’t understand why they keep on hiring the most stupid people to do stupid jobs for them. They can’t find smart people to work for them, that is why, I think.

As if this is not childish enough, they sent the next batch of clowns to do an even sillier act. Yesterday, about 15 retired servicemen did butt exercises in front of her house. This time they accused her of giving a bad name for the country. Yes, for demanding a clean and fair election, she is giving the country a bad name! Can you believe that? I am still laughing as I am writing this.

Then going by this logic, the 250,000 rally goers including my husband and me, are also giving the country a bad name. And going by this logic again, these people can come to my doorstep to flip burgers or sway their butts, right? And of course, to the doorstep of any of the 250,000 Bersih 3.0 protesters! Wow, that means they have a lot of places to show off their butts! All over the country, infact, because people came from as far as Sabah and Sarawak just to show how much they wanted a clean and fair election.

According to Malaysiakini, organizing a “pasar malam” or night market will be the next tactic to be used on the poor lady. A few hundred stalls will occupy the entire stretch of road infront of her house. Eventhough Ambiga managed to remain unruffled, how will her neighbors take this madness? Remember, Bukit Damansara is not any ordinary shanty neighborhood. It is an upper class enclave and I believed most of her neighbors are educated and from the professional class. Just wait and see how they will react.

These dimwits do not know the true meaning of constitutional rights and the right to privacy. Sadly, this is how it is with our country right now. Isn’t it pathetic that some privileged people can gate-crashed and bull-dozed their way to your doorstep and yet, got away scot-free? The word “trespassing” is simply not in their dictionaries, I guess.

Compare this to what 250,000 people got a fortnight ago for trying to sit at Dataran Merdeka, a historical public square that belongs to all Malaysians. They got chased all over Kuala Lumpur city center for almost four hours and got beaten up brutally before being sprayed with tear gas and water cannons. Even journalists were not spared – some had their cameras snatched away, the memory cards removed and cameras destroyed before the owners were beaten up.

All I can say is this is simply a battle between the brains and the butts. Yeah, Malaysia butt-leh!

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