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Good news, my dear fellow Malaysian Chinese! Today, our social standing has been elevated to “kingmakers!” Let’s toast each other “yam seng!” three times!

But please do not be too overly excited or optimistic over our newly bestowed status. I think this is only a temporary measure. Once GE13 is over, we will all be back as ” immigrants.” Our grandmothers once again, will be called “prostitutes.” If we are not too happy here, we will be told again to go back to the country where our forefathers came from, once upon a time.

Who said we are kingmakers now? None other than the old man who started it all, of course! He said Malays are now divided into three small fractions – Umno, PKR and Pas. Whichever of these three parties that managed to win the hearts and minds of the Chinese voters will win the election.

He also said Malaysians are getting more and more racists now. Our politics and our demands are along racial lines. Perhaps he was referring to the recent demands for more Chinese independent schools. And according to him also, this is not too good for the country.

The old man pointed out that in 1999 and 2004, a majority of Chinese voted for the ruling party and DAP lost badly. That was history, my dear MM.

2008 had changed all that. Now we knew better. And we will not repeat the same miscalculations again, promise!

He was a trained medical doctor and he is 86 now. In view of this, I would just like to say this to him, “Grades does not measure intelligence and age does not define maturity.”

In my books, the Election Commission is the real kingmaker. That is why we have the Bersih 3.0 rally on 28th April this year. It is the Election Commission that will make or break the election results.

What say you, the newly crowned “kingmakers”? Do you agree with the doctor who never seems to be able to dispense the right medicine?

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Each year, after the dusts from the fireworks had settled down, like many people, I drew out my list of New Year Resolutions. But like most people, I seldom follow them through. 🙂

So this year, I decided to list out some doable goals instead of some unattainable ones.

Also, instead of writing them down in my diary, I wrote them onto a piece of big manila card, using bright colors of course.

To make sure that I did not forget them, I pasted it onto the wall next to the clock. That way, I won’t miss it.

Now, let me see how far I have stick to them:-

  1. Guide my children in their studies for this year, my top priority goes to my son who will be sitting for his PMR in early October. Unlike his younger sister, Nicholas needs a lot of prodding to excel in his studies. My daughter too, faces some tough time adjusting to life in a secondary school. A big portion of my day now was spent with them to make sure they catch up with their studies. This is possible because I am a stay-at-home mom.
  2. Be optimistic, positive and happy at all times – last year, we faced a major setback. Life was so tough that I almost lost my footing and in the process, my mind. I was so unhappy. But now all that had changed for the better. I learnt to look at things in a different perspective. I am more optimistic, positive and happy now. And I got back my sanity!
  3. Eat sensibly – no red meat for me, not even pork. Now I eat mainly fish or chicken. I eat colorful fruits and vegetables every day, five colors, if possible. No white rice or bread. Instead, I go for brown rice and wholegrain bread. And I make sure I drink enough water.
  4. Exercise regularly – each day, I walk my daughter to school and back home. It is a good way to fill up the “three thousand steps a day” mantra. We swim as a family every weekend. For each outing to the pool, I would do a fifty lap. Swimming is good for the muscles, lungs and heart.
  5. Sleep and get up early – I am no longer the owl I once was. Now I am in bed by eleven the latest. You know, your body needs repairing. The best time is between ten and eleven at night. Early to bed means it is easier to get up early in the morning to prepare my son to school.
  6. Punctual meal and bathing times – I eat my meals at a consistent time each day. Lunch at one in the afternoon and dinner at eight in the evening. This is good for digestion because the stomach is trained to work at a specific time each day. And taking night bath is a big no.
  7. Seek more knowledge – One never stops learning, even though one is a housewife! There are so many things to learn in cyberspace and from the  good old books. Right now, I have eight novels waiting to be read! Sometimes I hardly have time to blog any more but of course I will not abandon my keyboard!
  8. Keep my hair long and do regular facial – I have short hair for a few years and now’s the time to grow them long again, for a change. My hair is getting longer now, almost to my desired length and I am quite happy with it. With my children away at school, I often spend the afternoons doing home facials using some natural ingredients like egg white, honey, aloe vera gel and cucumber slices – it is very relaxing indeed. I haven’t done that for some time, since my kids were born. Now, I better pamper my skin before the wrinkle sets in!   

My verdict? I think I am doing pretty well so far. I think it has got to do with setting simple goals and slowly getting into the habit of following what you have set out to do.

How about you? Have you follow your 2012 New Year Resolutions or have you drop out half way?

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I saw this picture in Facebook just now and it saddened me very much.

It is about cruelty to animals. Mommy is about to be taken to the experimental laboratory but her little baby is still clinging tightly to her. He wanted to be nursed, it seems.

Why is human so cruel? Don’t we have any conscience left?

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I overheard this conversation on “Ai FM” while tuning in at 10 a.m. for the weekly sentimental songs of yesteryear program. It came during a break.

Daughter: Daddy, I’m Ah Ling calling from Singapore. I’ve just got my first paycheck and I’ll be home this weekend to give you and mom a treat!

Dad: Ah Ling, you are such a filial daughter! Good, good, just come back for a visit, that’s good enough. No need to bring us out to eat.

Daughter: Why is that so, Daddy?

Dad: You see, the government is so generous to poor people like me. I’ve just received RM500 as an aid from the caring government. After buying all the household necessities, I still have plenty of money left! Mom said she will buy all your favorite seafood and cooked them for you when you come back! Just let us know when you plan to be back, ok?

Daughter: Oh, I’m so happy to hear that, Daddy!

Dad: Hahahaha….I am so happy too, Ah Ling!

Later in the afternoon, I saw this on Facebook!

What do you think?

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Recently, the government announced its plan to borrow a pair of giant pandas from China for RM20 million. The Prime Minister, in a desperate bid “to please” the people, asked us to help him name these animals. There were about 400 responses from Facebook users. Among the most repeated ones are “Cin-cin and Beg- Beg” and “Altan and Tuya.”

Cin-cin and Beg- Beg refers to the expensive diamond ring and Birkin handbags his wife is famous for while Altantuya is of course the poor Mongolian lady we all knew so well. Clearly, he got more than he had bargained for.

The question is, why does he only consult us when it comes to naming some animals? He had done that before. Some years back, when he was new in office, he asked us to help him name a helpless little kitten that he had “rescued.”

Did you notice that he only asked us when it comes to trivial matters? Why didn’t he asked us when the government used our EPF money to bail out some failed projects with the latest being to MAS? Those are our money; the people’s hard-earned money. That money is for our old age, not to help any crony in red. When you need to use something that belonged to other people, you need to ask their permission first. It is basic manners.

To date, about RM144.5 billion had been channelled out from our EPF savings to help these privileged businessmen. And there is no guarantee we can ever get this amount back. The latest move to push the retirement age from 55 to 60 proved that our fund is almost depleted. Any Ah Chong, Ahmad or Muthu can see it is a deceit. While it is good news for those who still need to work on, it is not for those who wanted to stop at 55 to enjoy life and withdraw their savings in one go. The truth is, there is not much money left to be withdrawn, thus they extend our working life, misleading us to believe it is for our own good.

It sounds very depressing, isn’t it? Not many people are aware of this. It was all done behind our back, like other illegal transactions. Thanks to some investigative work by the opposition, now we knew. But alas, we knew too little, too late.

Some two thousand years ago in China, a scholar by the name of Qu Yuan jumped into the Milo River when he was unhappy with the mismanagement of his country by his tyrant king. Of course today we do not have to jump into the river when we are not happy with our government. We can use our votes to tell our government to get lost. So, use your vote wisely for the coming election.

Sorry if after reading this, you have no appetite to eat your “zhong zi” anymore. The truth hurts, doesn’t it?

Oh yes, by the way, the two pandas are to be placed in faraway Putrajaya. Not a convenient place for the rakyat to go see them, right?

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This is how Majestic Cinema on Chamberlain Road in Ipoh looked in the early days.












The cinema had closed down in 1998 and it became a furniture store until this week when demolishing work started. Picture taken in early 2011.



Two days ago, a new reader of this blog by the name of M.P. cillin, alerted me that the old and abandoned Majestic Cinema on Chamberlain Road in Ipoh had been partly demolished that morning. A check with other blogs from Ipoh confirmed this tragedy. It was truly a sad day for the people of Ipoh.

This cinema was built-in the 1940s in the “Art Deco” style. Like Lido, Cathay, Rex and Odeon, it was designed by the famous Danish architect, BM Iversen. His daughter Ruth Iversen still made occasional visits back to Ipoh to visit her father’s designs. So, can you imagine how heart-broken she must be to learn of this latest vandalism? I think the people of Ipoh had let her down badly. Poor Ruth lamented that one day she will have no more reason to visit Ipoh again. One can only feel her pain and anguish.

Most of the cinemas in Ipoh were closed down in the 1990s and some were converted to furniture stores. Rex is one of them. Lido was turned into a Chinese dim sum restaurant. Cathay was rented out to a departmental store.

It is sad to see these buildings going away one by one. In their heydays, people flocked to these cinema halls to catch their favorite movies. It was a place for families and courting couples to spend their evenings together, munching on snacks while watching their idols in action.

Then came video tapes and later CDs. Today, we can just watch a movie at home without having to step out of the door again. The downside of course is that more and more cinemas closed down. And they were left abandoned.

I have seen Majestic Cinema turned into a store selling cheap shoes and school uniforms and later furniture for a couple of years before that fateful morning of 20th June when the hammer brought it down into bricks and stones. I read in the Ipoh echo that the owner had yet to get permission from the local council but he went ahead with the demolition anyway.

Perhaps the lure of money was too great for him. Greed knows no bound. In Malaysia, money comes first. Heritage does not have a place in this country. I wonder what will come out later from this site. Will it be another modern looking shopping mall?

Majestic Cinema was the place where I once went to watch those Bruce Lee Kung Fu movies with Dad. Other memorable ones are some vampire movies and also a few tear-jerker starring Lin Chin-Hsia and Chin Han.

Does Majestic Cinema too, held sweet memories for you the way it did for me?

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Ever heard of a popular Chinese saying “Some people grew old by eating rice; others grew old by exposure to sun light?”

Our former Prime Minister, unfortunately, belonged to the latter group. MM is very old but his mentality, alas, does not reflect his years.

At the Maybank Foundation-Perdana Foundation essay competition today, he said vernacular schools keep us apart. According to him, mother-tongue education polarized Malaysians, especially Chinese schools. His statement simply showed two things.

Firstly, he was terribly behind times. Today, not only Ah Chong goes to Chinese school but Ahmad and Muthu too. Each year, more and more non-Chinese parents registered their children into Chinese schools. Chinese schools are very popular and crowded compared to national schools. You will always get caught in a massive traffic jam near a Chinese school in the morning, afternoon and evening. How about national schools at the same hour? Smooth sailing!

Secondly, he was plainly jealous of the good academic performance of Chinese schools. It was a known and proven fact that Chinese schools are doing pretty well and this is the main reason why a big majority of Chinese parents chose Chinese schools over national ones. In fact many parents who were educated in national schools now chose to send their children to Chinese schools. They knew they can get better education for their children in such schools.

You know what keeps Malaysians apart? It was not the medium of instruction in our schools but the racist policies that favored one race over the rest. Just walk into any government department, local university or government-funded college. Then you know why this old man is putting his foot into his mouth again.

This is not the first time nor will it be the last, wanna bet?

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