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Last night, my husband and I attended the wedding banquet of one of his clients in a leading restaurant in the city. Sharing a table with some strangers (the client’s relatives) during the ten-course meal became a daunting task for us when:

1)  Two of them lighted up their nicotine sticks non-stop in the air-conditioned hall despite the “no smoking” sign prominently displayed for all to see. Pleas for them to stop  fell on deaf ears.

2)  One of them also coughed and sneezed loudly and openly throughout the night without covering his mouth and nose. Obviously he was suffering from a bad flu.

3)  As if this is not bad enough, he kept digging at his nose to clear his nasal passage.

4)  An elderly lady who sat next to me farted half way during the meal.

5)  A few of them talked with their mouths full of food. They were commenting on how fresh the prawns are!

6)  One middle-aged lady had chili sauce at the corners of her mouth without realizing it.

7)  Her husband threw up at the table after one beer too many. It turned rowdy when he got into a heated argument with the person who sat next to him.

8)  They liked to flip and stir the food with their chopsticks while eating, thus distributing their saliva all over the plate.

9)  When the meal was over, one or two of them used the tooth picks without covering their mouths with the other hands.

10)  And finally, here is the best for the last – one of them loved the roasted pig so much he even took its head with both his hands and munched it up there and then, much to our amusement!

 Boy, were we glad when it was over three hours later and we quickly made a dash for the exit! The food does look sumptuous and the overall ambience was nice but I could not eat much. Could you eat too, if you were at the same table with these people?

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