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Each year, after the dusts from the fireworks had settled down, like many people, I drew out my list of New Year Resolutions. But like most people, I seldom follow them through. 🙂

So this year, I decided to list out some doable goals instead of some unattainable ones.

Also, instead of writing them down in my diary, I wrote them onto a piece of big manila card, using bright colors of course.

To make sure that I did not forget them, I pasted it onto the wall next to the clock. That way, I won’t miss it.

Now, let me see how far I have stick to them:-

  1. Guide my children in their studies for this year, my top priority goes to my son who will be sitting for his PMR in early October. Unlike his younger sister, Nicholas needs a lot of prodding to excel in his studies. My daughter too, faces some tough time adjusting to life in a secondary school. A big portion of my day now was spent with them to make sure they catch up with their studies. This is possible because I am a stay-at-home mom.
  2. Be optimistic, positive and happy at all times – last year, we faced a major setback. Life was so tough that I almost lost my footing and in the process, my mind. I was so unhappy. But now all that had changed for the better. I learnt to look at things in a different perspective. I am more optimistic, positive and happy now. And I got back my sanity!
  3. Eat sensibly – no red meat for me, not even pork. Now I eat mainly fish or chicken. I eat colorful fruits and vegetables every day, five colors, if possible. No white rice or bread. Instead, I go for brown rice and wholegrain bread. And I make sure I drink enough water.
  4. Exercise regularly – each day, I walk my daughter to school and back home. It is a good way to fill up the “three thousand steps a day” mantra. We swim as a family every weekend. For each outing to the pool, I would do a fifty lap. Swimming is good for the muscles, lungs and heart.
  5. Sleep and get up early – I am no longer the owl I once was. Now I am in bed by eleven the latest. You know, your body needs repairing. The best time is between ten and eleven at night. Early to bed means it is easier to get up early in the morning to prepare my son to school.
  6. Punctual meal and bathing times – I eat my meals at a consistent time each day. Lunch at one in the afternoon and dinner at eight in the evening. This is good for digestion because the stomach is trained to work at a specific time each day. And taking night bath is a big no.
  7. Seek more knowledge – One never stops learning, even though one is a housewife! There are so many things to learn in cyberspace and from the  good old books. Right now, I have eight novels waiting to be read! Sometimes I hardly have time to blog any more but of course I will not abandon my keyboard!
  8. Keep my hair long and do regular facial – I have short hair for a few years and now’s the time to grow them long again, for a change. My hair is getting longer now, almost to my desired length and I am quite happy with it. With my children away at school, I often spend the afternoons doing home facials using some natural ingredients like egg white, honey, aloe vera gel and cucumber slices – it is very relaxing indeed. I haven’t done that for some time, since my kids were born. Now, I better pamper my skin before the wrinkle sets in!   

My verdict? I think I am doing pretty well so far. I think it has got to do with setting simple goals and slowly getting into the habit of following what you have set out to do.

How about you? Have you follow your 2012 New Year Resolutions or have you drop out half way?

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