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Majestic was reduced to a heap of bricks and stones a forthnight ago.

However,  there are a few left – Odeon, Rex, Star, Cathay, Ruby and Lido. But they are no longer the glorious cinema halls of yesteryear.

Odeon was abandoned. Rex and Ruby are furniture stores. Lido is now a dim sum restaurant. Cathay was turned into a departmental store while Star is a night club.

We used to have Sun, Capitol and Hoover too. Sun and Capitol was demolished many years ago to make way for car parks.

I could not locate Hoover Cinema any more. It used to be located along the banks of Kinta River. Anyone knew what happened to this cinema?

I do wonder for how long these heritage buildings will stay in the landscape of Ipoh. Why don’t the local authorities protect them the way old buildings are protected in Penang and Malacca?

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