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This is the 103 years old Ipoh New Town Market. It was built in 1909 by a rich tin miner called Yau Tet Shin who was developing Ipoh’s New Town at that time.

It was to replace the old one found along the banks of Kinta River. With its front facing Jalan Cockman and its back facing Jalan Laxamana, this old heritage building still remained solid and intact. It is operational even to this day. But given the rate of which the old buildings in Ipoh were being demolished, do not be surprise to see it gone sooner than later.

This market was made up of  several complexes back then but now, only a few were left. Sometime in the mid 1970s, a big fire broke out one night and gutted part of this old market. My aunt who stayed at Jalan Clare which is nearby, came to alert us and took my siblings and me to watch the fire being put out. Many fire engines were there and a big crowd of spectators stood around for hours to watch as firemen battled to put out the flames.

When I was young I used to follow my mom to this market during weekends or school holidays to do our marketing. Such trips were not complete without a breakfast of wanton mee, chee cheong fun, fried kway teow with eggs and cockles and of course our favorite pig’s offal porridge. I really missed those days.

Do you, like me too, remember the fire and eating your favorite hawker’s fare in this old market?

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