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As a mother, I try to teach my children some new words each day, in English, of course!

Today, I taught them three new words – perception, lies and truth.

Since they are teenagers now, I cannot use childish examples as illustrations anymore. Instead, I have to use examples that are more realistic and which they can either see or feel in their everyday lives – in other words, situations they could relate to.

The first word is perception. “Perception is the process of using the senses to acquire information about the surrounding environment or situation,” I explained to them.

“Understand?” I asked them when they remained silent. They even gave me a blank look.

“Okay, remember 28th April when both daddy and mommy joined many people on the streets of Kuala Lumpur to demand a free and clean election?” I asked them.

“Yes,” they answered and giggled.

“But, the government said we were trouble-makers with the intention to topple the regime, using mineral water bottles and salts,” I went on, getting exasperated.

They both burst out laughing so hard that my daughter had some tears rolling down from the side of her right eye.

“Well, that was perception, on the part of the government, of course,” I said, glad they got the meaning now.

“Lies mean deliberately saying something untrue, with the intention to deceive,” I explained to them as we moved on to the next word.

“Yesterday, the current head of the police said the crime rate in this country had reduced considerably for the first half of 2012 but do you believe what he said?” I asked them.

“No, he lied, and very openly too,” they answered, shaking their heads. See, even children could not be fooled by some adults.

“Everyday, we could still read or hear of some assault, robbery or kidnapping cases happening around the country and in broad daylight too, so how can they say crimes are getting lesser?” my daughter quipped in.

I am not convinced, and neither were my children. As citizens of this country, we do not feel safe moving around. There are simply more and more suspicious looking people on the streets nowadays, more than we are comfortable with.

I just don’t know where they came from or why they are let into the country in the first place. Who let them in and for what purposes?

Finally and thankfully, today, some truths are coming out and from the mouth of the former head of police himself! In an interview with an online newspaper, he said crimes are rising to a worrying level and that it was wrong for the authorities to hide and mask crime rates. Instead, he urged for a third-party to conduct another survey and also for the police to improve themselves in their operating procedures.

“That is speaking the truth, telling things as they were,” I told my children.

Aren’t you glad that someone stood up to speak like that, especially when you least expected it, and from this person too?

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