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written by IpohBornKid

As recalled by IpohBornKid in the early 1950s
(麻將經   – The Mahjong Mantra)

nam tui buc ~ South facing North

sai tui tung ~ West facing East

sic chute jui more toong ~ Gaming is complete awareness “touch/understand”

hoi moon tui chup wei ~ Game begins by selecting seating positions

tao tai tui chuen loong ~ Picking a card just discarded makes a hole in the game for other players

cheet wu chen mo yan ~ Having your game card blocked by another player and gamed,  is really upsetting

cheong kong chui yam kung ~ Having a kong card snatched by a gaming player is very cruel

Note:  This mantra was taken from a 78 rpm vinyl record which existed in the early 1950s.  It is a Cantonese “rap” song

There is a version of mah-jong played by very highly skilled players.  Everything is the same as the normal ordinary game, but there is a subtle difference.  You are not allowed to see the cards because they are all face down.  You use your sense of touch to decipher each 13 cards that you have.  The only cards you see, is the discarded one.  I have seen such players in action and it is unbelievable.  Another version is playing mah-jong with strips of sticks.

See http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16779765  for an exploratory study of the effect of mahjong on the cognitive functioning of persons with dementia.  The paper is entitled ”To explore the effect of an activity treatment mah-jong on the cognitive functioning of persons with mild-to-moderate dementia”. Cheng STChan ACYu EC, Department of Applied Social Studies, City University of Hong Kong.

written by IpohBornKid


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