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How do you wish a sick, wounded and angry 49 years old “Happy Birthday”?

I am referring to Malaysia, our beautiful homeland.

She is very sick, wounded and angry now.

She has been abused and raped for so long.

Her trees were fell down and forests cleared mercilessly.

Her rivers and seas were dirtied without a care.

Her air was choked with dust from north to south, east to west.

Her natural resources were depleted by the powerful and it only benefited a few.

People who were tasked to take care of her had let her down so badly.

Should we continue to close our eyes and turn our heads the other way?

As if nothing had happened and just wish her a happy birthday?

Or should we start to do something good for her?

I am not sure what you think or feel about this poor lady.

As for me, I will do anything I can for her.

Also, I will tell her this, “Get well soon, my dear Malaysia!”


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