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written by IpohBornKid

Basic Value of Card for Calculation

Cards 2s to 8s (toong chee, sok chee, man chee)
Pair    – zero
Triple – pong – ½ x 4 unit
Triple – internal –  1x 4 units
Four of a Kind – ming kong (you had triplets + 1 discarded) 2×4 units
Four of a King – ump kong ( you have 4 internally) – 4×4 units

1s, 9s, and all characters cards
Pair – ½ x4 units
Triple – pong – 1x 4 unit
Triple – internal –  2x 4 units
Four of a Kind – ming kong (you had triplets + 1 discarded) 4×4 units
Four of a King – ump kong ( you have 4 internally) 8×4 units
Each triplet or more of the character cards is 1x farn
Three of Zhong, Fatt and Buc is “”moon wu”
Four of Tung, Nam, Sai & Buc and games is moon wu.

Each flower worth 1×4 units
Set of flower 1-4 of the same suit (considered a kong)– 8×4 units
If the flower number correspond to your position to the Bnker, 1x farn
If you had a bouquet of flowers, 1-4, , 3xfarn

Single suit farn values
Character suits are considered neutral, hence if you have only toong chee and neutral cards, you have a toong chee cards and you get 1xfarn.  Similar for sock chee and man chee.

If all your cards are of one suit in toong, sock or man chee, it is chuen toong, chuen sock or chuen man cards.  Worth 3x farn.
(Also known as “ching yat sic – clear one colour)
The Character cards North, South East West  is worth 1x farn depeding where you sit in relation to the Banker.  All 4 directional characters in triplets is moon wu.

The Characters cards, zhoong, fatt and buc, each have 1x farn but if you had three triplers together, it is moon wu without gaming (a rule variation).  It is called Dai Sam Yuen.  If you have 2 triplets and 1 pair of these character cards, it is called Siu Sam Yuen, worth 3x farn.

Some variation allocate an extra 1xfarn to Gee Moor (self picked card).

In calculating the value of a game, you inspect the 14 cards by first totalling the basic values of the cards.  Most common baics values is between 1×4 to 8×4 units.
A Game of 1×4 units calculation
Basic unit = 4 and corrected to the near 10 is 10 units.
If the minimum units is 50, (woo dye), it is added to the 10 units.
The total basic value is now 60.  With no farn, the game can ask for 60/120 in chips 1xfarn you get 120/240, 2xfarn (240/480); 3xfarn (480/960) 4xfarn (960/1,920).

No farn is also called “chicken game” or “kye wu”.
Peng Wu is a game made up of straights triples, it can scaore 1xfarn or 2 x farn depending on the rules adopted.

Table  Calculation for a gaming hand

Basic          0 farn         1xfarn          2xfarn          3xfarn        4xfarn
20               70/140       140/280     280/560     560/1120   1120/2240
30               80/160       160/320     320/640     640/1280   1280/2560
40               90/180       180360      360/720     720/1440   1440/2880-

Also there is the woo mei (end game) value.

In addition to the cards already displayed as pongs or kongs, flowers etc., addition triplets (internal) can be displayed and any valued [pairs can be displayed.  The calculations are the same suing the general rles for the basic units of pairs, triplets or quad triplets, but no additional 50 units is included.

Calculations for Woo Mei (end game)
Table  Calculation for a gaming hand

Basic        0 farn         1xfarn        2xfarn        3xfarn        4xfarn
2 units                 10
4 units                 10              20
8-10 units           10              20            40
12-20 units         20             40            80
22-30 units         30             60           120        240           480

Consult your local sifu for more lessons.

written by IpohBornKid

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