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Mid-Autumn or Mooncake Festival used to be a joyous occasion, both for the children and the adults.

It was a time when children would play colorful lanterns and candles outside their homes. The adults would eat mooncakes and sip hot Chinese tea while admiring the full moon.

But have you notice this festival is getting less and less popular as the years goes by? This year, the festive air is totally missing.

No children staying near my house were seen playing with the lanterns or candles outside their houses. Maybe they were busy with their ipads. My own kids have grown up and were shy to be seen playing with lanterns or candles.

I used to buy several boxes of mooncakes but now I settled for one box only. They are getting more and more expensive. A decent box from Foh San Restaurant costed me RM60.

With fewer people celebrating the festival, I think the moon is feeling lonely. She has less admirers now.

Do you also share my sentiment – that the moon is getting lonely?

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