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Schools will open tomorrow.

Still remember your first day at school?

Did you cry your eyes out when you saw so many strangers in your midst?

Did you bawl your lungs out when your mother walked out from your classroom leaving you all on your own?

Did you pee on your seat when you can’t hold on to your bladder and was afraid to ask the teacher for permission to visit the loo?

These are some of the dramas seven-year olds will create when they went to school for the first time.

For some, first day at school can be very stressful; for others, it’s like a walk in the park.



Oh yes, by the way, this is the school bag I carried on my first day to school in 1971! 🙂

It was a hand-me-down stuff which I got from my elder sister. It had served me my entire primary school years.

Amazingly, it was still in good shape despite being made from rattan which was such a vulnerable material. The color was much lighter then but over the years, it got dirtied by constant use. I used to put it on the floor. Sometimes it got wet when I was caught in the rain.

My daughter laughed when I shown her this bag. “Nothing will make me carry this type of bag!” she said. But it was popular among school girls at that time.

How about you? What bag did you used on your first day at school?

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