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Praise for Ipohgal and

The Stories of the Scissors Sharpener’s Daughter

Ian Anderson

188 Hugh Low Street, Ipoh, is to most people, just another of the city’s buildings in need of care and attention, that they pass by without a second glance as they speed towards their destination. Certainly, at first sight, it is no different to several other corner shop houses. They are all in need of repair, with dirty grey walls and broken mail boxes that yearn to be used. Yes this is Ipoh City minus the glitz of the “The Town that Tin Built”. But, no doubt, if those walls could speak they would recount many tales of the Towkays and their chauffeur-driven Mercedes, whisking the families off to Whiteaways to buy the latest in imported goods, or Cold Storage for delicacies to tempt the palate. Today, for most of us, these are only faded memories.

But ipohgal remembers vividly the home she grew up in and the tales her parents told her. Therefore, this, her first book The Stories of the Scissors Sharpener’s Daughter , puts these stories into a compendium of memories that take in, not only family life, but the sights, sounds and smells of Ipoh Town as it was when she was young. In these stories she brings those dirty grey walls back to life and provides a colourful montage of Ipoh, its people and places, with a refreshing style which makes it compulsive reading wherever you come from.

To conclude, I am delighted to write this short piece in support of “188 Hugh Low Street” as ipohgal started her public writing career with us at http://www.ipohworld.org as a weekly contributor. Then we featured her in our book “Ipoh, My Home Town”, published in 2011 and here today she has risen to be an author in her own right.

Congratulations young lady.

Commander Ian Anderson RN (Rtd)
Managing Director
Ipoh World Sdn Bhd

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