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Praise for Ipohgal and

The Stories of the Scissors Sharpener’s Daughter

Dr Anthony Pun

A Humble Story from a Girl of Humble Beginnings

As I read the tales about the Scissors Sharpeners Daughter (SSD), I was immediately surrounded by mixed emotions of sadness, nostalgia and finally, the joy of relief, when the author subsequently overcome the trials and tribulations in her childhood and teenage years.

These tales are unique as it distills the essence of real life in Ipoh, starting in the early 1940s onwards among ordinary citizens, trying to make ends meet in a small family business. The author was able to capture in a time capsule, the lifestyle and aspirations of a young struggling Chinese immigrant and his family, and his efforts to give the best to his children in Ipoh.  As the tale progressed, the struggles, the patience, the hard-working and the diligence of this first generation immigrant to Malaysia paid off. It is an example of an awe-inspiring testimony of Chinese immigrants who had been successful in his country of adoption. His contributions to his adopted country should not be forgotten, no matter how humble it may be.

Another aspect of the tales dealt with the inter-relations between family members. It puts a very human face to much of the emotions between each member of the family and their events can be a common experience among fellow immigrants. I grew up in Ipoh, hence, I can personally identify and empathized with some of the events and human emotions that happened in the Scissors Sharpening Man’s family.

I hope the author will one day join the ranks of famous Asian women writers, and one of them that come to mind is Han Suyin.  The author has initiated a piece of literature with historical accuracy, that truly put into words for posterity, the life and tribulations of a humble Ipoh citizen and his contribution to the development of Ipoh as a town.  Not many tales were told in English about Chinese settlement in Malaysia but this is a tremendous effort.

People of Ipoh, be proud of a talented daughter of Ipoh!

Review of Frances Yip’s
The Stories of the Scissor Sharpener’s Daughter 
Dr Anthony Pun (A proud Alumni of Ipoh ACS)
B Sc (Hons), Ph D from The University of New South Wales
OAMJP National President Chinese Community Council of AustraliaPresident, Ipoh ACS Alumni, Australia Chapter & (Click for more detail about Tony).

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Author Frances Yip surrounded by her seniors, the Ipoh ACS old salts in KL

Author Frances Yip surrounded by her seniors, the Ipoh ACS old salts in KL

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