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Antares with lovely Bonzo

Dear Ipohgal,

I’ve been meaning to email you after reading your stories from 188 Hugh Low Street, but posting this on your timeline is probably better – since it also serves as a public endorsement! You know I love stories – and storytellers – and your writing reminds me so much of my Aunt M.Y.’s – how could i not enjoy every single chapter?

I was touched by your ability to conjure minute details and your frank approach to what some folks might regard as embarrassing subjects. Your language comes across as sincere and unpretentious.

What gives your stories special appeal is that you write from the heart – your compassion & empathy shine through every retrieved memory & makes them come alive in the reader’s imagination. As documentation your book deserves national recognition, as it vividly captures images of an era long gone.

My heartiest congratulations, Frances. Your ancestors must indeed be glowing with pride & joy! ♥

Antares, from Magick River

Thank you, Farouk Gulsara of RIFLE RANGE BOY!

Thank you, Larry Ng!

Thank you, my teacher, Mrs. Wong Yew Choong!

Thank you, Dr Anthony Pun!

Thank you, Ian Anderson!

Thank you, Gerry Robert!

188 Hugh Low Street

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