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“Auntie, please don’t put too much indelible ink, oops, sorry, black soya sauce into the kway teow,” I told the auntie frying a plate of noodles for me at the market this morning.

“Indelible ink?” she looked perplexed.

“Haven’t you read in the newspaper? Now they said the indelible ink used in our recent election is actually food coloring,” I told her in jest.

“You mean it’s the same ingredient used to make our black soya sauce?” she asked in disbelief.

“Hmm…….something like that!” I laughed.

“Aiyoh, so bad lah, these guys! How can they do something like this to us?” she fumed as she placed the plate of aromatic fried kway teow on the table in front of me.

Obviously the poor lady haven’t read the newspaper yet.

First they said they lower the silver nitrate content for the sake of our health and now they admitted it was actually food coloring.

There goes the taxpayer’s RM7 million…… 😦

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