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Today, 22nd September 2013, marks the 56th anniversary of Zhou Xuan’s death at the age of 39.
I would like to share her songs as a tribute to her .

188 Hugh Low Street, Ipoh

The Wandering Songstress….

Have you heard of the name Zhou Xuan before? She was one of the greatest female singers China had ever produced. Even to this day, her name remains a legend, crafted forever into the hearts of those who loves her nightingale voice. This is because no one else could ever sing like her again.

Despite being blessed with an immortal voice, Zhou Xuan had a bad start in life. Born on 1st August 1918 (and some said 1920) in Jiangsu Province, China, to impoverished parents, she was sold into a brothel to be raised as a courtesan with the sole intention to entertain men. But as fate would have it, a couple from Shanghai took pity on the little girl and bought her over to be raised as their adoptive daughter. Her name was changed from Su Pu 蘇璞 to Zhou Xiaohong. She was also given musical training when her adoptive parents found that…

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