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The wrath of Karma….

Do you believe in Karma? Whether you believe in it or not, like it or not, it is working all the time and no one can escape from one’s Karma, whether one is a king or a pauper.

The story I want to share here is a true one. It happened about 15 years ago to a young couple known to my family. I shall call them Mr. and Mrs. C.

Mr. C is the son of a humble grocery shop owner who use to live opposite my grandpa’s house in Batu Gajah. He was a brilliant and ambitious man. Mrs. C is the daughter of a poor family in Tasek and used to be my elder sister’s best friend. Like her husband, she was equally bright and ambitious. They made a perfect couple and was the envy of friends and relatives from both sides.

Before long, he got the top job in a very big and prestigious construction company in Kuala Lumpur. She, on the other hand, ruled high and mighty in a foreign bank in Kuala Lumpur too.

It was a coincidence that I too, work for this construction company. This company builds shopping malls, shop-lots, houses, condominiums, apartments, medium-cost flats and low-cost flats. Being in top management level, Mr. C and a few big-shots were given the privileges to choose the best units of each project before they were open to the public.

Both Mr. and Mrs. C bought the juiciest units in all the projects undertaken by the company, so can you imagine how many pieces of properties owned between the two of them? They even bought the whole block of low-cost flats, thus depriving many poor people from having a roof over their heads. Such was their greediness.

In time to come, both became instant millionaires, buying and selling properties, all located in prime areas of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. If you step into their luxury home in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, your jaw will drop at the sheer size and amenities contained within its walls. Each have a Porsche and overseas trips for them is as common as going to Genting Highlands or Port Dickson for us lesser folks. Their two sons were educated in posh schools in Switzerland and France. Do you envy their lifestyle? I knew many did.

Then came the bomb. The company’s business is waning and retrenchment is eminent. Mr. C was given the responsibility to lay off as many as possible.  Many bread-winners lost their jobs and were not compensated. This exercise was carried out many times over a year. He gave the most lame excuse ever – we need to trim so that executives like us could still have our annual bonus! Luckily I had resigned a year before to be a full-time mother or else I will face the indignity of being laid off too. But many of my former colleagues were tearfully forced to leave. Needless to say, many were bitter and unhappy.

A few years back, I met his former secretary in the street and she told me this, “Do you know Mr.C is dying from nasal cancer? His wife had gone too, just last month, from lung cancer even though she did not smoke or drink and being so filthy rich, for years, they had been eating those organic food us poor people could hardly afford for a single day!”

I can’t imagine Mr. C, in the prime of his life, looking pink and  in good health all the time, was fighting cancer like a zombie. I was told he was bald from the chemo and could hardly get up from his bed. He was so sick that he had to give up his job for which company would hire a man so sick like him? And his wife, the one who was so articulately groomed all the time, lost all her hair too and was reduced to a pile of bones before Grim Reaper came to drag her away.

I was told too that they had sold off most of their properties to treat their cancers. Now it’s the doctors turn to laugh all the way to the bank. Life is like a dream – one minute you have so much and the next, you were left with nothing.

I have nothing against their wealth, they really have the guts to take risks and deserved to be so rich but along the way, they have trampled on other people’s rice bowls and denied the poor a roof over their heads. That, to me, is very sinful. I was not surprised they were punished in this way.

Do you agree it was their Karma?

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