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She is a he!


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Life can be so funny. Two months ago, I secretly wished to have a puppy or kitten sitting beside me each morning while I chant my daily prayers.

A week later, my dream came true in a form of a cute little kitten that suddenly appeared at our doorstep from nowhere. We took it in and brought it up with lots of love and good food. Of course the little fellow flourished beautifully.

All these while we thought it was a female because it has feminine features and a very soft voice. So we called it “Pussy” but months later, we found out it was actually a male. It’s little male organs began to show up and it took us some time to accept that our little “Pussy” is a he and not a she.

But habits dies hard and I found myself, time and time again, calling it “Pussy” instead of “Puss.”

Oh never mind, Pussy it is then. 🙂



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