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Happy Birthday to you, me and everyone人日!

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Renri or Yan Yat (Chinese: 人日, literally Human Day), refers to the seventh day of the first lunar month in the Chinese calendar. This year’s Renri falls on 29th January which is today.

According to Chinese legends, Nuwa (女媧) was the goddess who created the world. She created the animals on different days. Chickens were created on the first day, dogs on the second day, pigs on the third day, sheep on the fourth day, cows on the fifth day, horses on the sixth day and humans on the seventh day. Humans were created from the mixture of earth and water. Thus the seventh day was the birthday of mankind. To feed mankind, she then created cereal on the eighth day.

If the weather on Renri is fine, it can be forecast that God will grant good luck to all people on earth while rain means a tough…

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