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Today was my turn to read at Readings @ Seksan’s. Thank you Sharon Bakar, for inviting me to read.

It was a truly enriching experience, reading in front of so many who were passionate readers. Besides reading some chapters from my book, I got the opportunity to meet other writers from Malaysia and Singapore and exchanged information with them. I also managed to sell my book at this event. It was a very memorable evening indeed for a new writer like myself.

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One day last week, Alexandra and I saw a kitten in our neighbor’s compound.

“Look, Mom! That kitten resembles our Puss,” she exclaimed excitedly.

I thought so too. So we asked our neighbor whether it is her pet.

“No, it is a stray kitten but since it likes to come and play in my compound, I decided to give it some biscuits and named it Nelson,” she said.

Nelson could be from the same litter as Puss but it looks pitifully malnourished and sad. You can even hold it up with one hand whereas our well-fed and pampered Puss was a size bigger.

“If you don’t mind, could you let us keep Nelson too, as a companion for Puss?” my daughter asked.

“Go ahead, hopefully they can get along with each other,” my neighbor said.

Nelson and Puss took a day or two to get use to each other. They hissed and hissed.

But in no time at all, both began to chase each other and happily play all over the house.

They eat and sleep together. We are so happy to see two brothers reunited at last.

Guess who’s who ?


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This pictorial magazine is written by Dr Anthony Pun.

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This pictorial magazine is written by Dr Anthony Pun.

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Do you know how vases are made?

Yesterday, Mr. Cheah Yeow Seng was at The Refinery, D7 Sentul East to show us the fine art of making pottery from clay using the wheel. It was an eye-opener for many of us who got the chance to “dirty” our hands with clay.

It seems easy at the hands of the master (who has more than 30 years of experience) but when it was our turn to sit at the wheel, things seems to get out of hand easily. One needs more practices before getting it right but from the faces of the participants, all of us have an enjoyable time.


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Written and contributed
by Dr Anthony Pun


The Gentleman with the hat in the above photograph is “Uncle Greg” our Aboriginal Elder in Sydney.


Various Family members and Friends attending the AMSA Dinner Function

The Australian Malaysian Singaporean Association (AMSA), under the Presidency of Ms Juliana Jamal, celebrated their annual dinner on 24 February 2014, at Toongabbie, a western suburb of Sydney. In her invitation, Ms Jamal said “We would like to start this year 2014 with a BLAST TOGETHER! Our community is all about “gotong-royong and sharing” joy, food and laughter together.”

Present at the function were Malaysian and Singaporean born Australians consisting of ethnic Malay, Chinese, Indians and Eurasians. The function was truly a happy and multicultural event which brought all Malaysians and Singaporeans communities together. During the event, cultural dances and martial arts display from each communities were performed to the delight of all present. Despite the distance from our country of birth, the gathering and the performances brought us spiritually closer together and to our land of birth. Among the community leaders invited to the function were Ms Ruby Hamid, Mr Tony Tang (President of the Ryde Community Forum), Mr Jeffrey Lee, (prominent Solicitor in Sydney and Ex-President of AMSA) and Dr Anthony Pun, OAM. (National President of the Chinese Community Council of Australia).

Written and contributed
by Dr Anthony Pun

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