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Nel, when he was young….so cute…. You can see him wearing uneven stocking (one higher than the other……… 🙂






Cute…………. Nelson


Playing time……… Nelson and Puss


Young Nelson

In life, everything is temporary. Nothing is permanent. Like it or not, nothing last forever.

When we first saw Nelson, he was just another abandoned and malnourished kitten. He was smaller in size and underweight compared to his two brothers, Pussy and Kiddy.

So, we took him in as well. Gave him plenty of cat food, tender love, and a shelter. In return, he gave us a lot of laughter and fond memories.

We uses to tease him – he had squint eyes, his mouth was sharper and the color on his feet and hands were unevenly distributed, like someone wearing a shorter sock on one feet and a longer one on the other.

But Nelson was a good cat. He was always so humble, grateful and well-behaved. And he seldom mewed unless necessary – while he was being bathed or when loud noises like firecrackers being let off petrified him. The only sound that ever came out from his mouth was a soft “Ekk” to announce he is home after a day out playing in the neighborhood.

While his brothers would bring the kitchen’s roof down with their loud purring when I was preparing their food, Nelson would sit quietly by a corner to watch and wait patiently for his share.

Nelson was adored and loved by the whole family and even by some neighbors.

One of them told me Nelson was a lucky cat – he was being feed by three families including mine. With so much to eat now, little wonder this fella thrived beautifully. He grew up to be a handsome and sturdy cat.

When Nelson did not come home on the first night, it did not faze us because he was the sort of “Huckleberry Finn” type of cat – always playing outside and will only come home to eat or sleep. Very independent.

On the second day, we became worried. Marcus started looking everywhere for him but there were no sign of our beloved cat.

Since Wednesday, 30th July, 2014, Nelson has been missing from home. We searched high and low since early this morning; we had combed the whole neighborhood. We asked around but no one had seen him. He just simply disappeared without a trace.

I know. I know. He was just a cat that eat, play and sleep, you might say.

But to us, he was more than that. He was part of the family.

We love him through and through. We misses him terribly. I was in tears as I am writing this.

We misses the way he loves to throw himself down at our feet and roll his body with hands and feet facing the sky. That was his way to show his affection for us.

Come back quick, Nelson, and make us laugh again, that is, if you are still in this world.

Come home to our embrace, little darling. We have plenty of cat food waiting for you to devour and tons of love to shower on you, and hugs too.

But if your life has ended, may you be born into a better realm.

As a handsome man, perhaps?

That would bring some comfort to our aching heart…….


Three buddies sleeping together…. Nelson, Puss and Kiddy


Eating together


The favorite place for Puss


Nelson and Kiddy sharing another pot


When they first met…………… get along soon after.


Puss and Nelson get to know each other


Puss posing for the camera


Kiddy’s sleepy look


Nelson looking up at the birds


Both sharing same crib


Sweet dream, Nelson .


Having a lazy nap, Nelson.


Sleep baby sleep, Kiddy


Sleep tight sweet heart. Nelson.


Sleep well, Puss


Nelson looking attentively.

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