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Animals teaches us compassion


May you free from all kind of sufferings and sicknesses. May the merits gained be share with all beings

Last Sunday evening (17th Aug, 2014), while at the night market to purchase some fruits and vegetables, my husband Marcus stumbled upon a weak and injured kitten near a drain. It was shivering from cold, hunger and pain. Husband stood there for half an hour wondering whether to bring it back or not as we already have two cats at home.

A Malay lady who walked past told him encouragingly, “Angkatlah anak kucing ini balik rumah, cepat kasi ia sembuh.” She was telling him to take it home and help it to recover quickly. Inspired by her encouraging words, he decided there and then, “Okay, come with me!”

So with one hand carrying a big bag of groceries, the other was used to carry a struggling kitten all the way home, much to the amusement and smiles from those who saw him. The kitten has very sharp claws and it was struggling out of fear but Marcus held it close to his chest so that it could feel that it was in safe hands.

Once home, the poor thing was given a warm bath and some cat food. Our daughter named it “Marble” because of its color which resembled that of a marble cake. Fearing that it would get hurt, Marcus slept with it in the living room as our cats were quite hostile to the newcomer. Cats are territorial animals.

The next morning, the first thing Marcus did was to bring the kitten to the government vet in Cheras. Feeding food and medications to an injured kitten is a daunting task as it keeps struggling and refused to open its mouth. You see, the area around the kitten’s mouth was raw with blood and pus. But with perseverance, Marcus was able to do that.

Both Pussy and Kitty took almost a week to accept their new mate. This photo was taken today, a week after Marble was rescued from a dirty drain. Look, its mouth had completely healed and tiny hairs began to sprout out from what used to be an open wound.

I told husband that Marble is so lucky she met him. “Lucky is a more suitable name than Marble. Let’s call her Lucky instead.”

“It is our luck that I met the kitten. Animals teaches us compassion. We are very lucky to be able to learn compassion from animals.”

I think Marcus is right. Besides teaching us responsibility as pet owners and giving us wonderful companionship, animals helps to bring out the compassionate side in us.

Thank you, Pussy, Kitty and Lucky Marble. We are still hoping for the miracle that Nelson will come back one day. We would love to watch them play together.


Puss, the big brother.


Nel, the second brother. “Miracles happen everyday”


Kiddy, the little naughty.


Marble , the lucky gal.


Puss and Marble the lucky gal


Puss and Marble the lucky gal sharing the night view together.


Lovely Marble the lucky gal


Getting healthier and stronger.

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