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A Poem For My Beloved Mother….

Chow Chiew Sai

Mommy dearest, fourteen years ago today
You left us without even saying goodbye
Outside our glass windows and metal gate
Laughter and chatters could still be heard
While my heart torn into a million pieces
And tears flowed like the Ganges River.

So sad was my father to lose his partner
A loving wife that Heaven bestowed him
Fifty years of tears and happiness shared
The void that you left in his heart and soul
No words of comfort could heal or lessen
It was a pain only he could feel and tell.

The days that followed were strangely hollow
But your sweet voice still rings in my ears
When the sun set below the horizon
I could feel your presence and your touch
Many nights I suddenly woke from my sleep
And asked where have you gone to, Mommy?

Seconds, minutes, and hours ticked away
Days, months, and years came and went
My children who were babes when you left
Now grown up and ready to face the world
Deprieved a taste of your kindness and kisses
Yearning for a grandma taken away too soon.

Now I have learned that death comes to all
That life is impermanent like the setting sun
My heart has surrendered to the eternal truth
The flowing tears have dried up in my eyes
But still, I will hold your memories tightly
As I whisper a prayer for you, my Goddess.

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A year later….


Pussy on the first day in our house…


Big and strong a year later!


One day in November last year, as I was putting away my prayer beads after a chanting and meditation session with my husband, I told him how wonderful it would be to have some animals sitting along side with us to listen to dharma which is Buddha’s teaching. Marcus didn’t say anything, he just smiled.

A day later, a stray dog got into our house. It appeared from nowhere. We gave it a bath and some food. My children were so happy to have it and they played with it for some time. The next day, it rained. Fearing that it might get wet sitting outside the house, Nicholas took it in. After the rain had stopped, he took it outside again. The next day, it got inside the house again although it did not rain that day. I told my son to take it outside. The next morning, when I opened the door, it was missing from the veranda. It had run away. We looked everywhere but could not find it again.

Two days later, as I was ironing Nicholas’ uniform, a stray kitten barged into our house, also from nowhere. It mewed loudly and pitifully. It then quickly ran into my neighbor’s house. She was not an animal lover and chased it out with a broom. The frightened animal ran back into our house again. This time, it looked very scared. Out of pity for such a small and lost animal, we decided to foster it. Marcus gave it a bath and then walked to the nearest supermarket to buy a can of cat food for the little feline. I gave it a name, a very simple one – Pussy.

Pussy is our first adopted cat and today, he has grown into a big and heavy cat. Occasionally it would sit contentedly beside me while I was chanting and meditating, absorbing the beautiful mantra vibrating in the air. Sometimes it would drink Chinese tea or even eat durian.

Pussy has brought us more joy and laughter than we can ever imagined. Happy first anniversary, Pussy!

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Life’s simple joy


Fostering nine abandoned and orphaned cats can be a daunting task, especially when some turned up at our doorstep in pretty bad shape. But with love, care, food, and a few visits to the vet, these feline friends thrived in our home. We were richly rewarded with moments like these…. and they are priceless! This is what I called life’s simple joy….

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