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A reunion dinner for former students of ACS (Class 1969) was held at Soon Fatt Restaurant along Jalan Seenivasagasam on 19th April 2014.

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Thanks to Mr. Wong and Mr. David Yoong, the organizers for allowing me to promote my book.

Marcus and I were back in Ipoh over the week-end to attend their memorable event.

Really “Reunion and more reunions….!”……. (:

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When we arrived in Ipoh and before the event started, Marcus and I rushed over to Hugh Low Street to see what were the latest additions to the wall mural and we were greeted by some new ones.  You can see them here. Aren’t they beautiful?



My books were being displayed prominently for all attendees to browse through and purchase.

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The most memorable moment for me was meeting up with Mr. Chin Yoong Kim, the first teacher who taught me something in ACS during my form six there in 1982 and 1983. That was more than 30 years ago. Mr. Chin was very excited when I told him I mentioned him in my book. He bought a copy and we read it together because he can’t wait to find out what I wrote about him.

Many who came that night also bought my book and some even asked me when my second book will be out. Thanks for your support,  the book is coming soon…. so thanks again for your patient.

Thank you


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Look at some of the food served that night – they were so delicious and I absolutely loved the sea cucumber and abalones!


When the dinner was over, my brother took me over to 188 Hugh Low Street, the home I once knew. I felt very emotional standing outside our childhood home.



The next morning, we had brunch at Sin Hup Kee Restaurant on Jalan Leong Sin Nam with our beloved third aunt who was 86 this year. She reminded me so much of my late father. Their faces and their voices were very similar.


Here is the lin toong from my favorite flower, the lotus! My childhood snack which I used to share with Dad outside Rex Cinema near Hume Street.



Next, we dropped by at Sin Eng Heong for more snacks – biscuits and kaya puffs hot from the oven.

I was so happy that we could jump queue because third aunt could not stand in the row for long.

What a memorable weekend for Marcus and I!

A video showing our beloved music teacher, Mr. Chin Yoong Kim leading the boys and girls of ACS singing the school song!

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