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Yesterday, my daughter Alexandra started her own blog. It was called Brownie’s Little Pen. Cute name, right?

“I have daddy’s brown eyes and mommy’s brown hair; and I always have a pen in my hand in case something strike my head,” she explained when I asked her why she chose this name for her first blog.

That’s my little girl. 🙂

Alexandra says she will blog mainly in Mandarin and sometimes in English, when she is in the mood. I’ll let my child experiment blogging in whatever languages she is comfortable in.

She is very much into writing short stories these days – mainly teenage stuffs. She treat her blog as a writing pad. “To test market!” she said cheekily.

By the way, her first post is a short love story gone awry titled “A white knight who is not a prince.”

If you can read Mandarin, do drop by at her blog:


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