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This morning I was at Ah Kam’s stall to pick up some vegetables when the ruling party’s candidate for my area came to the market for a walkabout with his entourage that made up of a few uncles, aunties, young men and women handing out pamphlets and caps bearing his party logo to the hawkers and housewives doing their marketing there.

When he reached Ah Kam’s stall, the grumpy lady whipped out today’s Chinese newspaper and pointed out the head-line to him.

“Hey, what do you think of this?” she demanded an answer from him.

Like most Malaysians, she was very upset to read of the recent murder of a lady who was hiking at Bukit Gasing with her young daughter. The poor victim was robbed and killed in broad-daylight. Many of us do not feel safe anymore in our own country and this is one of our main concern in our daily life.

Well, he just gave her an apathetic smile and extended his hand to her but Ah Kam refused to shake his hand. She wanted an answer to what the authorities could do to lessen our crime rate but he could not give her an answer.

Seeing Ah Kam was so angry, he just left her stall nonchalantly and continued to drop by at others, followed by his entourage of course.

“Such a useless fellow! Can’t even answer my simple question. What can he do for me if I vote him in?” she swore under her breath and gave him a glaring look.

I too, shared Ah Kam’s sentiment.

I guess with this kind of politicians (good at singing karaoke, cooking up a plate of fried koay teow, pulling a glass of teh tarik, carrying someone’s baby for the camera, planting a tree here or there or giving out some food vouchers) on offer, it is not difficult for us voters to make a choice, is it?

It does not take a genius to figure out who Ah Kam will vote on polling day.

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