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Here are some photos taken at D7 The Refinery with people from all walks of life who bought my book. Some readers even came from other countries like Bulgaria and Pakistan. Thank you all, for reading my story.


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D7 The Refinery is an awesome place to be at during the weekends- you can paint, you can buy books and you can meet new friends. Thanks to artists like Ben Toh, Yenny Ng and Maxinne Xie for organizing these fun-filled gatherings.

It was here too, that I got to tell people, “Hey, I wrote a book about growing up in the 1960s and 1970s in a tin-mining town called Ipoh. Get a copy and read how life used to be for some ordinary folks struggling to have a meaningful existence.”

I am glad I took my book straight to the readers. I was able to meet them face to face, tell them about my book, autographed it and even took photos with them for remembrance. All these gave me a great sense of pleasure and satisfaction as a writer because it gave me a chance to interact with them.

It was at D7 too that some of my readers became my good friends. They read my book and gave me feed-backs and after sometime, we became friends! And some even told me they are waiting for my second book which will be out soon.

Today, a very good friend who started off as my reader even gave me a surprise – a birthday cake. How many writers are so blessed?

Well, I am one of them. Thank you, everyone, for being there for me as I embark on a long and tough journey as a writer.

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