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Do you believe in ghosts? Some do, many don’t. But if you have seen them like how my mom, my eldest sister Ophelia and I had, you will be less skeptical about the existence of ‘beings’ from another dimension.

Sometime ago, I have blogged about how my mom saw the ghost of a little Indian boy in her bedroom at 188 Hugh Low Street in 1955 right after my brother was born. He went on to become the guardian angel of the house. You can read it here. https://188hughlowstreet.wordpress.com/2011/05/30/the-little-indian-boy-who-refused-to-go-away/

Then, there was a night in 1972 when both Ophelia and I saw our paternal grandma came home from the hospital to ransack her wardrobe when unknown to us both, she had just passed away a few hours earlier and her body was still lying in the hospital’s mortuary. The post was here. https://188hughlowstreet.wordpress.com/2011/05/01/a-bowl-full-of-rye-2/

I have also blogged about how I met the ghost of an old man one morning in 1979 on my way to school along Jalan Hussein. As a result of that scary encounter, I became so sick that I have to be hospitalized for a few days. Go here for a quick read. https://188hughlowstreet.wordpress.com/2011/07/15/in-another-lifetime-part-1%E2%80%A6-a-ghostly-encounter-2/

Some people can actually see what others can’t. I am not sure if this ability is called the ‘third eye’ but the Chinese have a term for it – yin yang eyes. But one thing for sure, this ability will usually diminish as one grew older; usually but not always. Is it a blessing or a curse? To me, it’s more of a curse than a blessing because nothing good came out of these sightings, at least for my mom, Ophelia and I.

In 1979 Ophelia got married to her boyfriend who was also from Ipoh. They then went to stay in Wellington, New Zealand for a couple of years where her husband interned as a chartered accountant in a firm over there.

One early morning, David left for work leaving my sister alone at home. She was still sleeping as it was very cold and dark outside. It was winter. Suddenly, my sister was woken up by soft singing in her bedroom. The singing came from her bedside.

When she opened her eyes, she saw a young Caucasian woman sitting at her dressing table. She has long and wavy blonde hair that almost reaches her waist. She was wearing a white gown and was combing her hair tenderly, using my sister’s comb! As she combed her hair, she sang softly to herself. The room was dimly lit and the heater was on.

Trembling with fear, Ophelia quickly shut her eyes tightly and pretend to be asleep. She dared not make even a slight move. After what seemed like an eternity for her, the singing stopped and the room was silent again. When she opened her eyes this time, my sister saw the woman slowly disintegrated into a ball of white mist. She quickly jumped out from the bed and reached for her comb…..lodged within the spikes was some long and wavy blonde hair!

My sister quickly put on her winter coat before rushing for the door. She was so new to Wellington; she had just arrived there a few days before. The red brick town-house where she and David stayed was a very old place, almost a century old and was situated at a remote area off the city. Without anywhere else to go, Ophelia had no choice but to sit at the doorstep the whole day until her husband got home late that night. She was very cold, hungry and frightened. They moved out that same weekend to another place.

Spooky, right?

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