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Take a look at Ricky Hui as “Wong Choy”, the mediums’ assistant turned vampire in the movie “Mr Vampire”.

His silly expressions tickled me pink.

Another look at his goofy face is good enough to send me into gales of laughter.

Like many, I grew up watching Cantonese comedies starring the three famous Hui brothers from Hong Kong – Michael, Samuel and Ricky.

Their movies were shown in many cinemas in Ipoh, especially Rex, Capitol, Ruby and Majestic; and we went to most of them. That was in the 1970s and 1980s.

Among the most enjoyable ones are “The House of 72 Tenants”, “The Private Eyes”, “Money Crazy”, “Aces Go Places” and “Mr Vampire.”

He and his elder brothers brought much laughter, fun and cheers to moviegoers of all ages with their funny gags and beautiful music.

Their songs, mostly about the struggles of the lower classes in society, endears them to their audiences.

The movies and songs they made are still very popular with the masses of ordinary people till this day.

Just like me, my children grew up watching their movies and listening to their songs. They had watched them all.

Michael always acted cunning and stingy; Samuel, who was the most handsome among the brothers, used to get the juiciest role as Romeo; while poor Ricky got to play the simpleton or country bumpkin. He always got bullied by others.

Unfortunately, Ricky, who was only 65, passed on yesterday from heart attack in his home. What a sad loss. We had lost a clown, an entertainer and a talented actor.

Maybe his next role is to be an everlasting happy ghost? Hopefully.

Whatever, thank you for the laughter, Ricky, we all appreciated your humongous sense of humor.

And rest well for you deserves it.

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