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Reunion after 30 years

This trip back to Ipoh is very special for me because I also got to meet Madam Tan Meng Eng nee Mrs. Wong Yew Choong who was my form teacher in MGS in 1981 when I was in Form Five. It’s been 32 years since we last met when I left school after SPM……………. read more



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Yeah…….! More book sales at Falim House and on the streets of Ipoh old town……

Wow….. I sold a few books during my visit to Falim House in Ipoh. Surprisingly, I met Chew Beng Hian’s brother, Ignatius Chew who was at Falim House too. And he bought a copy of my book. Before leaving Falim House, I met Dr. Raj Paramjoothy from Klinik Raj and he too, bought a copy of my book as a gift for his young son named Kuhan who followed his dad to Falim House.

Later at Ipoh old town, more sales coming my way when I gathered enough courage to approach some strangers on the street and told them about my book. The result was surprising. What an awesome opportunity!

I sold a few more books to the folks on the street of Ipoh old town………….read more



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Double rainbows in Kuala Lumpur…..

What a wonderful day…….!
This morning I delivered my book “The scissor sharpener’s daughter” to my friend who came back from Belgium.
Awesome…… To my surprise they love it, bought a few more as gifts to friends in Belgium and Holland……….read more


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You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

I just took the first step on the night of August 3rd at the Ipoh ACS Alumni Dinner held at Kinta Riverfront Hotel and was richly rewarded.

My first customer that night was a friendly and cheerful lady by the name of Madam Tan Kit Pheng. She need no persuasion to buy my book. Standing at my stall, giving me a very broad smile, all she did was just take a look at my book and declared firmly, “Okay, I want to have a copy of your book!” and that started the ball rolling………………read more


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 More update from my

Book preview :    “The scissor sharpener’s daughter”

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