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I just took the first step on the night of August 3rd at the Ipoh ACS Alumni Dinner held at Kinta Riverfront Hotel and was richly rewarded.

My first customer that night was a friendly and cheerful lady by the name of Madam Tan Kit Pheng. She need no persuasion to buy my book. Standing at my stall, giving me a very broad smile, all she did was just take a look at my book and declared firmly, “Okay, I want to have a copy of your book!” and that started the ball rolling.

As the hours ticked by, more and more attendees came and I was on hand to lure them to my stall where most of them bought my book and posed for photos for remembrance. Obviously they were book lovers.

Dr. Anthony Pun and his Australian friend, Mr Choong Chee Pew came to lend me their support. Together, they managed to get many of their friends to buy my book.

Among other early birds were my former teacher, Mr. Victor Chew and his lovely wife, Alexandra Chooi. They bought my book and we posed for some lovely shots.

Before long, more and more former students crowded around and made their purchases.

I was so honored when Dr. Ho Tak Ming, the author of “When Tin Was King” came over to buy my book.

More came over to buy after the dinner ended.

We wrapped the night up around 11.30 pm when the last customer who was also my good friend and supporter, Dato Narayanan Kannan bought a copy as a gift for Mr. Brian, the most feared discipline teacher ACS ever had.

“I don’t think I have ever seen your face before!” Mr. Brian joked to me. 

“That was because I was a good student and did not break the school rules!” I told him and we all had a good laugh.

“No, I don’t cane the girls, only the boys!” he answered and more laughter came.

What a night!

Thanks everybody, for making it so memorable for me….. I really appreciate your support.


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