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19th January 2015 – Jigme, our youngest kitten, fell ill two days ago due to bacterial infection in his lungs. He could not breath properly and this afternoon, was admitted to the hospital in UPM, Serdang, and is now in critical condition. My family is praying for him to pull through.

20th January 2015 – The hospital called just now – Jigme has passed away an hour ago. Jigme is just a kitten we saved from the street late last year, but he was to us, a precious little life.

He would always be the first one to station himself in the kitchen when it was lunch time. While I prepare his food, he would climb up my legs like a monkey would climb up a coconut tree. Quite irritating at that time, but I am going to miss this little monkey.

He also likes to suckle one of our female cat although she was not his mother. She too, finds him irritating. I don’t know whether she is going to miss him or not. She is asleep now and was not aware that little nuisance was gone.

Thank you, Jigme, whose name means fearless in Tibetan. You have shown us how fragile life is, how impermanent everything is. You are our little teacher.

Our only regret is that we have not shower you enough love and also, our days together was so brief. Nevertheless, you will stay in our heart and mind for a long time.

May you rest in peace and gain a better rebirth. Om Mani Padme Hum, Jigme.

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Welcome, Blondy…!


Blondy, the new arrival…


Blondy on my palm…

Just now, I saw this kitten crawling on the steps of the bridge leading to the Hang Tuah LRT station while on my way to deliver lunch to Alexandra whose school is nearby.

“If Marcus saw it, surely he will bring it home,” I thought to myself as I continued crossing the bridge which was crowded with people on their way to their Friday prayer.

Half an hour later, on the way home after delivering lunch, I looked around for the kitten but it was nowhere to be found. I then walked home sadly.

When I opened the gate, Nicholas rushed out excitedly and exclaimed, “Mom, look what I found at the Hang Tuah LRT station on my way home from school!”

I saw a kitten nicely wrapped in some old cloth sitting quietly at a corner, obviously waiting for its bath. It was the same kitten I saw earlier at the Hang Tuah LRT bridge.

“Can I keep it?” he asked eagerly.

“Okay, keep it and let’s name it Blondy,” I told him. Marcus was seen busy preparing the water, soap, and towels.

I believe in “yuen fun” which is hard to translate to English but roughly it means we are fated to be together. I believe the kitten is fated to be with us as we love cats and all kinds of animals who have no home to call their own.




Home sweet home..


I have a sweet dream







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