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You guys are warriors

You guys are warriors

The Penilaian Menengah Rendah or Lower Secondary Assessment results came out this morning but we all slept so well last night! 🙂

There was no tension at all in our household.

This is because we knew Nicholas had studied very hard for the past year and had given his best. As parents, we are very reasonable and understanding. We do not ask for the impossible.

Unlike his younger sister, Nicholas is not a straight A student. He is an average and happy-go-lucky guy. But it doesn’t bother us one bit.

This morning, he got up, had his breakfast and then went to school with his best friends to get their results. They came back hours later, some happy while some sad.

“Hey dude, what did you get?” we teased him playfully.

He could only laughed shyly and tried to hide his result slip from us.

After being chased around the house by his kid sister, he finally let us have a peep into the small slip of paper.

He got 3A, 3B, 1C and 1E.

Oh my goodness, he had failed his Mandarin again but so had his friends.

“Don’t worry, almost everybody in our class failed Mandarin!” they said amusingly.

I know, I know, Mandarin is one of the toughest language to master on planet.

“For those As and Bs, well done and keep up but for the E, you better put in more efforts!” I told my son and his friends.

“What is done, is done and you cannot changed the results. But you can work harder for better results for your next hurdle, the SPM. Move on, okay, guys?” I tried to cheer them up.

I learned from them that there were some teary students and sullen-faced parents at school today. They acted like December 21st (the end of the world according to Mayan calendar) came two days earlier.

“How are we going to celebrate, Mom?” asked Nicholas mischievously.

“Ask your daddy when he got home tonight. We go out to eat something you like, as a reward!” I told him, giving my son a pat on his shoulder.

“Yeah!” he responded happily and we gave each other high fives.

Today, I am truly proud of my son and so was his daddy.

I really want my children to feel that going to school and sitting for examinations are not weary chores. I want them to feel that learning is a joy.

After all, the journey ahead is still very long. We cannot feel pressured, tired or fed-up at such an early stage, can we?

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