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Last night, Vicki, my best friend, called to break a very sad news. Her eldest sister had just passed away in the hospital. She cried and cried because she was very close to her sister.

Vicki’s sister died from a hemorrhoidectomy procedure that went wrong. The unfortunate lady was only 59 with two young sons.

Here today, gone tomorrow. Life is so fragile. I know how it was like to lose someone close and dear to your heart.

Time is a good medicine and so are prayers. I told her to recite mantras.

My thoughts and prayers too to this kind and friendly lady whom I do not have the good fortune to know deeply except that she was my best friend’s beloved sister.

As you aged and with your parents no longer around anymore, you will learn to appreciate your siblings more. Rivalry will be replaced by love.

And I told my best friend this…..despite the pain, life have to go on, so live it well.

Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra 般若波羅蜜多心經

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