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Lucky Marble has been found just now! She has sneaked up to another floor and was caged up there for the last three days. A good Samaritan who found it decided to return the lost cat to us, as she is still under medication. We were so thankful to have our little girl back into our arms. I call this a miracle. Simple things such as this makes life so meaningful for us.IMG_4198 sIMG_4220

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A month ago, my husband Marcus found an abandoned cat shivering near a drain at the Kenanga night market. She was weak, injured, cold and hungry. Seeing no one stop for her, he decided to bring her home as she was in a pitiful state.

Once home, he gave her a warm bath and some cat food. We named her Lucky Marble. So far, we have taken her to the vet twice due to her fragile health. With lots of love, food and the right medication, Lucky Marble soon got stronger and healthier but her cough and flu persists. We planned to take her to the vet again tomorrow as her medication has ran out.

Taking care of a cat like Lucky Marble is not easy. You will need a lot of patience with and compassion for animals to be able to take care of a cat who loves to cling to you like a newborn baby.Giving her medication twice a day is a daily struggle as she could not keep still and refuses to be fed with those bitter liquid. But we persisted and were richly rewarded. Lucky Marble is a very grateful cat. She always lick our face, head or rub her head against our legs – that is her way to show her gratitude.

Besides being grateful, Lucky Marble is also a friendly cat. She got along very well with her three brothers and always plays with them whenever she was in the mood to do so.

But the unexpected happened this morning. Lucky Marble has disappeared from home. She had never stepped out of the house before. We checked every nook and corner of the house and combed the entire neighborhood but still, there was no sight of our beautiful little girl. It was as if she had vanished into thin air and this really baffled us.

We have lost two cats in three months and it was painful to bear for we see them as part of our family.

Please, Lucky Marble, stay safe wherever you are and come back home. We all misses you and look forward to see you again…..


Marble the lucky gal

The two elder brothers

The two elder brothers


The naughty little brother

Blondy the little naughty

Blondy the little naughty

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