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You’re just a mom????…….

Saw this on my Facebook page today. I can relate to it…..and pretty well too.

just a mom

I have always wanted to say something like this for sometime but someone here beats me to it.

For far too long, society has been looking down on women who have nothing better to do than just being moms.

You’re just a mom? Don’t you have a more meaningful and solid career?

What a waste! What a pity!

Why don’t you get someone to help you out, then you can go back to work again?

See, being a mom is almost like a dirty job. It is almost like a job for women without a brain.

You don’t need brains to cook a meal. You don’t need brains to do the laundry and ironing. You don’t need brains to sweep the floor and dust the sofa. You don’t need brains to prepare milk and change the diapers. You don’t need brains to nurture your growing children.

You don’t need brains when you stay at home.

But you definitely need brains to interpret the financial reports, to prepare the welcome speech or meet the monthly sales target.

Don’t laugh. Some people or should I say, many people, still sees things this way.

For how much longer, I do wonder?





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