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Thanks to a friend’s help, my book is now available at Badan Warisan Malaysia‘s gift shop along with other books about Malaysia’s heritage. I was so proud to find my book is now being displayed next to Dr. Ho Tak Ming’s “When Tin Is King.”

You can find Badan Warisan Malaysia‘s outlets at:-

> No.2 Jalan Stonor, 50450 Kuala Lumpur,
> Suffolk House at No.250 Jalan Air Itam, 10460 Georgetown, Penang
> No.8 Herren Street at No.8 Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, 75200 Melaka.

This is an apt move for 188 Hugh Low Street is a heritage building and my book is about growing up in this heritage building. Badan Warisan Malaysia is a non-profit organisation committed to the conservation, preservation and promotion of Malaysia’s built heritage.

Thanks, everyone, for your help and support in bringing my book to more people.



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Online Bookstore ~ 188 Hugh Low Street

Orders for my paperback book, “The Scissor Sharpener’s Daughter” are coming in daily from readers all over the world via e-mail and Online Bookstore in Facebook.

“I want to encourage everyone
to pick up a book and read today!
It’s my favorite pastime.
What books are you reading today?”


Book Price (paperback) : RM 32.90 per copy

(excluding postage or delivery charges)

Bachelor of Science (University of Malaya), Grad Cert. of Education (University of London). Retired teacher from Methodist Girls’ Secondary School, Ipoh.

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First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to two gentlemen,  James Seah and Ian Anderson, for their kindness and support in helping me to promote my book in their respective blogs!

Blog To Express : http://www.blogtoexpress.blogspot.com/2013/02/188-hugh-low-street-book.html

Ipohworld’s World : http://www.ipohworld.org/blog/?p=5465

I have a millionaire mind !

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Hi everyone, sorry for being away from this blog for some time. I was rather busy putting in the finishing touch to my book, “The Stories of the Scissors Sharpener’s Daughter.” Remember, I’ve promise to get the book out for you all by the end of the month?

But for the past two days, I took some time out to attend “The Millionaire Mindset Intensive” seminar held in Kuala Lumpur this weekend. It was a three full-day course conducted by Robert Riopel from Canada. He was such a dynamic yet hilarious trainer. He took us on a journey of learning and self-discovery which is so rewarding and priceless. With Robert, you would not feel bore even for a minute. It was a weekend so well spent. Tomorrow’s finale is going to be electrifying.

I love to learn and to upgrade myself all the time. I love to surround myself with positive people, positive energy and positive thinking. Robert’s seminar was all that and more. We learn, we play, we dance, we sing, we cheer from morning till night and it was such great fun. The packed hall simply reverberates with positive vibes generated by thousands of people who had gathered there for one purpose – to energize themselves.

During breaks, it was time to mingle with strangers and take photos. Participants came from all over the world. I went around introducing myself and my book to as many of them as possible and you know what?

I was like, “Hi, I’m Frances, I’m a writer and this is my first book,” and they were like, “Oh, wow, that’s cool, that’s great, that’s awesome!” Most of them were surprise that I could write a book and find it very interesting. So can you guess what happened next?  I’m so happy I want to jump and sing! 🙂

Hope they will enjoy reading “The Stories of the Scissors Sharpener’s Daughter!” when the books reach their hands.

Have an awesome weekend, folks!


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