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That day, all my lunch buddies were not in the office. Hungry and alone, I went to the nearest eatery to pack my lunch.

As I was walking towards my favorite stall, my eyes suddenly rested on a guy crossing the street. He was flanked on both sides by two pretty girls. They were also heading to the same eatery.

“Who was that guy? I think I’ve met him somewhere before!” I thought to myself as I took in his youthful, kind and honest-looking face.

Seconds later, the answer came to my head. Why, he was the guy who had taught me how to dance before.

My colleagues and I used to learn ballroom dancing after work at a dance academy in downtown Kuala Lumpur. He was teaching there after work, for the fun of it and to meet girls.

After a few months I stopped going there and so did he. It had been almost a year since we last met.

As I do not even know his name and have not spoken to him before, I just gave him a smile and went on to queue up for my food.

Seeing me smiled at him, he quickly left the two pretty girls to eat on their own and ran to my side. They were working together near my place and were there for lunch too.

“Hi Miss, your smile just now really electrified me. Where have I met you before?” he asked eagerly in that crowded and noisy place.

I gave him another smile before replying, “On the dance floor, I think ….”

“Ah yes, I remember now!” he said happily. “I’m so glad to meet you again. Here is my card,” he continued.

As they said, the rest was history.

We were not each other’s first love but we were each other’s true love.

All through the years, as in all meaningful relationships, there was plenty of laughter just as there were plenty of tears.

We have been through a lot. But we remained as one. And we were blessed with two very beautiful children.

Today is our 21st wedding anniversary.

It was like only yesterday that I gave him the smile that melted his heart and also changed our lives forever……

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