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Today is a very sad day for those of us who knew and love Uncle Koh Leng Seah, 95. His funeral ceremony started at ten o’ clock in the morning at Nirvana Funeral Parlor off Jalan Sungei Besi. Uncle’s final resting place is at Nirvana Memorial Park in Semenyih, next to his beloved wife, amidst lush greenery and beautiful hills.

Buddhist mantras were chanted for him to guide and comfort his soul. Then it was time to offer him our final respect and to have a look at his benevolent face for the last time before the casket was sealed. The loud noise that came from the act of hammering in the nails of the casket sent all of us present to break down in tears. It was heart wrenching knowing we could no longer be able to see him or hear his voice again.

We walked solemnly behind his hearse in a procession before heading to the burial ground for more prayers.

The sky opens up and pours when it was all over, what an abundant blessing!

Birth, aging, sickness and finally, death.

Uncle Koh had completed a cycle of life. One cycle has ended and a new one will begin.

Farewell, my oldest friend. It was my family’s good fortune to know you and to receive your generous affection. Thank you for this meaningful friendship and beautiful memories we shared together all these years.

May you find eternal bliss in Nirvana and we will always cherish you in our hearts.

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