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Yesterday, my daughter Alexandra started her own blog. It was called Brownie’s Little Pen. Cute name, right?

“I have daddy’s brown eyes and mommy’s brown hair; and I always have a pen in my hand in case something strike my head,” she explained when I asked her why she chose this name for her first blog.

That’s my little girl. 🙂

Alexandra says she will blog mainly in Mandarin and sometimes in English, when she is in the mood. I’ll let my child experiment blogging in whatever languages she is comfortable in.

She is very much into writing short stories these days – mainly teenage stuffs. She treat her blog as a writing pad. “To test market!” she said cheekily.

By the way, her first post is a short love story gone awry titled “A white knight who is not a prince.”

If you can read Mandarin, do drop by at her blog:


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One day as we were strolling around Ipoh, we came across this piece of dinosaur. It was a printing machine but amazingly, it’s still operational!

Then something else caught my eyes…..another girl called Alexandra was sitting nearby. I went over and said hello to her. She was definitely a beauty.

You see, she and my daughter shared the same name. I simply have to take her photo to show my girl back home!

Now, do you know which part of Ipoh city this girl stays in and the name of her home?

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Yesterday morning, my husband and I sat with other parents on the floor (on chairs, actually); watching our children performing for us on their graduation day.

We watched with pride as our children performed song after song, dance after dance to the thunderous applauses from the floor.

No more Chinese chopstick, umbrella or fan dances of yesteryear.

Gone was the Malay ‘candle’ or classical Indian dances.

Neither were there the Western cowboy or Rock & Roll dances so popular during my time!

Also missing were those classical princesses, fairies or butterflies in their glittering costumes that I used to envy so much when I was a child.

No sights of Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus and the three wise men either.

Oh yes, the graceful swan in white fur was banished off and the agile ballerina in pink tutu was very obviously absent.

They were all passé. No longer fashionable anymore.

Today’s theme was very contemporary. Everyone sways their hips and was in for some real fun.

The children danced and sang happily in their party dresses to tunes of “Fireworks” by Katy Perry, “On the Floor” by Jennifer Lopez, “Party Rock” by LMFAO and many more.

Their teachers and headmistress looked on proudly.

Everyone mingled around in the hall, taking photos and video. It was a casual and inclusive affair.

We even managed to raise more than fifteen thousand dollars for a student from her year who was recently diagnosed with lupus and was hospitalized.

There was a lump in my throat and some tears welled up at the corner of my eyes as I watched my daughter being called up to the stage to receive her medal for coming out first in school in English story-telling competition.

When it was time for her and her fellow school choir mates to sing a beautiful song in Mandarin, I reached for my tissues.

“We have grown up at last, there were many dreams for us to chase, just like the little red dragon-flies in the pond…….” they sang enthusiastically and boy, how emotional it was for me and I guess, for other parents as well.

It was not so long ago that Dr. Lim, the gynecologist told me it was a baby girl in my womb; months later, she was born smoothly and we brought her home in a little basket.

Her elder brother  frowned with jealousy when we gathered to watch the new arrival in awe.

She suckled and suckled endlessly on my breasts….oh,  the times when I have to wake up to change her pampers and sing her lullabies in the still of the night were endless too!

I still remember that morning when I took her to school for the first time. She was nervous and looked awkward in her school uniform. She spent the first day completely lost in a room of strangers.

And today…today, she has to bid farewell to her classmates of the past six years; a chapter was over and a new one was waiting to be unfold.

A whole new world was waiting for them.

It will be a new milestone for all these twelve years old youngsters soon for they will be going on to secondary schools early next year.

How times flies….how fast our kids have grown up without us realizing it.

When she was a baby, I was sleep deprived. I silently wished that she will grow up in a wink of an eye.

But here she is today, a full fledge teenager with pimples and taking an interest in the birds and bees; suddenly I wished she was still a baby whom I could pick up and cuddle softly in my arms.

Grown up she did, almost as tall as I and there was nothing I could do….

Sitting on the floor, as a mother, looking at her baby on the stage, I felt happy, sad and vindicated all at the same time.

11.11.11 is a remarkable day for mother and daughter.


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