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A year later….


Pussy on the first day in our house…


Big and strong a year later!


One day in November last year, as I was putting away my prayer beads after a chanting and meditation session with my husband, I told him how wonderful it would be to have some animals sitting along side with us to listen to dharma which is Buddha’s teaching. Marcus didn’t say anything, he just smiled.

A day later, a stray dog got into our house. It appeared from nowhere. We gave it a bath and some food. My children were so happy to have it and they played with it for some time. The next day, it rained. Fearing that it might get wet sitting outside the house, Nicholas took it in. After the rain had stopped, he took it outside again. The next day, it got inside the house again although it did not rain that day. I told my son to take it outside. The next morning, when I opened the door, it was missing from the veranda. It had run away. We looked everywhere but could not find it again.

Two days later, as I was ironing Nicholas’ uniform, a stray kitten barged into our house, also from nowhere. It mewed loudly and pitifully. It then quickly ran into my neighbor’s house. She was not an animal lover and chased it out with a broom. The frightened animal ran back into our house again. This time, it looked very scared. Out of pity for such a small and lost animal, we decided to foster it. Marcus gave it a bath and then walked to the nearest supermarket to buy a can of cat food for the little feline. I gave it a name, a very simple one – Pussy.

Pussy is our first adopted cat and today, he has grown into a big and heavy cat. Occasionally it would sit contentedly beside me while I was chanting and meditating, absorbing the beautiful mantra vibrating in the air. Sometimes it would drink Chinese tea or even eat durian.

Pussy has brought us more joy and laughter than we can ever imagined. Happy first anniversary, Pussy!

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Lucky Marble has been found just now! She has sneaked up to another floor and was caged up there for the last three days. A good Samaritan who found it decided to return the lost cat to us, as she is still under medication. We were so thankful to have our little girl back into our arms. I call this a miracle. Simple things such as this makes life so meaningful for us.IMG_4198 sIMG_4220

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IMG_3208_893x670 IMG_3380_893x670

IMG_2256_670x893 IMG_2260_670x893 IMG_2939_893x670 IMG_2243_893x670IMG_4012_893x670IMG_2945_893x670

A month ago, my husband Marcus found an abandoned cat shivering near a drain at the Kenanga night market. She was weak, injured, cold and hungry. Seeing no one stop for her, he decided to bring her home as she was in a pitiful state.

Once home, he gave her a warm bath and some cat food. We named her Lucky Marble. So far, we have taken her to the vet twice due to her fragile health. With lots of love, food and the right medication, Lucky Marble soon got stronger and healthier but her cough and flu persists. We planned to take her to the vet again tomorrow as her medication has ran out.

Taking care of a cat like Lucky Marble is not easy. You will need a lot of patience with and compassion for animals to be able to take care of a cat who loves to cling to you like a newborn baby.Giving her medication twice a day is a daily struggle as she could not keep still and refuses to be fed with those bitter liquid. But we persisted and were richly rewarded. Lucky Marble is a very grateful cat. She always lick our face, head or rub her head against our legs – that is her way to show her gratitude.

Besides being grateful, Lucky Marble is also a friendly cat. She got along very well with her three brothers and always plays with them whenever she was in the mood to do so.

But the unexpected happened this morning. Lucky Marble has disappeared from home. She had never stepped out of the house before. We checked every nook and corner of the house and combed the entire neighborhood but still, there was no sight of our beautiful little girl. It was as if she had vanished into thin air and this really baffled us.

We have lost two cats in three months and it was painful to bear for we see them as part of our family.

Please, Lucky Marble, stay safe wherever you are and come back home. We all misses you and look forward to see you again…..


Marble the lucky gal

The two elder brothers

The two elder brothers


The naughty little brother

Blondy the little naughty

Blondy the little naughty

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Animals teaches us compassion


May you free from all kind of sufferings and sicknesses. May the merits gained be share with all beings

Last Sunday evening (17th Aug, 2014), while at the night market to purchase some fruits and vegetables, my husband Marcus stumbled upon a weak and injured kitten near a drain. It was shivering from cold, hunger and pain. Husband stood there for half an hour wondering whether to bring it back or not as we already have two cats at home.

A Malay lady who walked past told him encouragingly, “Angkatlah anak kucing ini balik rumah, cepat kasi ia sembuh.” She was telling him to take it home and help it to recover quickly. Inspired by her encouraging words, he decided there and then, “Okay, come with me!”

So with one hand carrying a big bag of groceries, the other was used to carry a struggling kitten all the way home, much to the amusement and smiles from those who saw him. The kitten has very sharp claws and it was struggling out of fear but Marcus held it close to his chest so that it could feel that it was in safe hands.

Once home, the poor thing was given a warm bath and some cat food. Our daughter named it “Marble” because of its color which resembled that of a marble cake. Fearing that it would get hurt, Marcus slept with it in the living room as our cats were quite hostile to the newcomer. Cats are territorial animals.

The next morning, the first thing Marcus did was to bring the kitten to the government vet in Cheras. Feeding food and medications to an injured kitten is a daunting task as it keeps struggling and refused to open its mouth. You see, the area around the kitten’s mouth was raw with blood and pus. But with perseverance, Marcus was able to do that.

Both Pussy and Kitty took almost a week to accept their new mate. This photo was taken today, a week after Marble was rescued from a dirty drain. Look, its mouth had completely healed and tiny hairs began to sprout out from what used to be an open wound.

I told husband that Marble is so lucky she met him. “Lucky is a more suitable name than Marble. Let’s call her Lucky instead.”

“It is our luck that I met the kitten. Animals teaches us compassion. We are very lucky to be able to learn compassion from animals.”

I think Marcus is right. Besides teaching us responsibility as pet owners and giving us wonderful companionship, animals helps to bring out the compassionate side in us.

Thank you, Pussy, Kitty and Lucky Marble. We are still hoping for the miracle that Nelson will come back one day. We would love to watch them play together.


Puss, the big brother.


Nel, the second brother. “Miracles happen everyday”


Kiddy, the little naughty.


Marble , the lucky gal.


Puss and Marble the lucky gal


Puss and Marble the lucky gal sharing the night view together.


Lovely Marble the lucky gal


Getting healthier and stronger.

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She is a he!


IMG_7040_694x521 IMG_7326_1495x997 IMG_7321_1495x997 IMG_7310_1495x997

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Life can be so funny. Two months ago, I secretly wished to have a puppy or kitten sitting beside me each morning while I chant my daily prayers.

A week later, my dream came true in a form of a cute little kitten that suddenly appeared at our doorstep from nowhere. We took it in and brought it up with lots of love and good food. Of course the little fellow flourished beautifully.

All these while we thought it was a female because it has feminine features and a very soft voice. So we called it “Pussy” but months later, we found out it was actually a male. It’s little male organs began to show up and it took us some time to accept that our little “Pussy” is a he and not a she.

But habits dies hard and I found myself, time and time again, calling it “Pussy” instead of “Puss.”

Oh never mind, Pussy it is then. 🙂



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