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Not a single day pass without some people exploiting on religious issues, especially in this country. You can see the “mine is the best” syndrome wherever you go. Very common but scary and annoying at the same time.

Here is a video clip showing a conversation that took place between the honorable Dalai Lama and Brazilian theologian Leonardo Boff during an interfaith conference some years ago.

In it, the theologian asked the Dalai Lama what is the best religion in the world and was very impressed with his wise answer. Read for yourself to find out what the Dalai Lama said that earned him world-wide respect. His words will definitely bring some warmth to your heart.

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I have always loved Tom Cruise. He is so handsome and boyish. I have watched all his movies. He is my all-time favorite actor. But this time, I am rooting for his poor suffering wife, Katie Holmes.

If what we read in the news of how Tom forced his belief on her and their child is true, then I can only say this, “Serve you right Tom, you ask for it!”

For the last five years, Katie was no longer the bubbly and fresh-faced young woman we saw in “Batman Begins.” She looked terribly haggard and depressed. Now we knew why she was so worn-out and unhappy.

So fed up with his ways, she finally moved out with Suri to start life afresh in New York. Way to go, Katie! Take back your life! I would do the same if I were you.

This is a lesson, not only for someone as famous as Tom Cruise but for all of us – never ever force your belief onto others. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. This is so true where religion is concerned, all religions, not only Tom’s.

We are all born free to believe in whatever we choose to believe in, so there is no reason for anyone to make you feel small, unwanted, condemned and inferior with words like, “You worshipped idols. You’ve sinned and therefore, you’ll go to hell” or things like that.

Evangelism of one’s religion is not something new or remote. In fact it is very universal and had been around for ages. I myself have friends, both at school and in the work place, telling me that I will go to hell when I die because I refused to cross over but I always dismissed them with a smile. And I was like, “ I really don’t mind going to hell as long as you’re going to heaven and stay safely there!” Since we are heaven and hell apart, there is no clashes of ideologies anymore, right?

We ought to understand and remember this – many of us are comfortable with the religion we are born into and grew up with, so there is no reason why we should change it to something else, just because you said your god and your religion is the true one and you will score a point from your god for getting a new recruit.

Acceptance of a religion, like respect for a person, has to be earned and not demanded. If someone accepted what you preached blindly and unquestionably, then that acceptance is really hollow and meaningless.

Although the Dalai Lama is a controversial figure because of his struggles for his homeland, nevertheless I respected his views tremendously when it comes to religion. Here is a dialogue between the Dalai Lama and the Brazilian theologian Reverend Leonardo Boff some years ago during a discussion about religion and freedom:-

Rev. Boff: Your Holiness, what’s the best religion in the world?

Dalai Lama: The best religion is the one that gets you closest to God. It is the one that makes you a better person.

Rev. Boff: What makes you a better person?

Dalai Lama: Whatever makes you more compassionate, more sensible, more detached, more loving, more humanitarian, more responsible, more ethical…..the religion that does that for you is the best religion.”

See, the Dalai Lama could have easily said that Buddhism is the best religion in the world but he did not. As an enlightened spiritual leader, he recognized that all religions are just as good so long it can turn you into a good person and not a nuisance to others, like what Tom Cruise is doing to Katie Holmes right now.

Here is another quote by the wise and peaceful Dalai Lama, “There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness.”

I think with more people like the Dalai Lama around, there are less religious conflicts in this world.

Meanwhile, let’s hope Katie Holmes get back her life as a happy Catholic, the religion she was born into and grew up with. It’s good to see her happy again.

Perhaps with her new found freedom, her popularity will soon eclipse that of Mr. Mission Impossible, don’t you think so?

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