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Simply Irresistible!

果王之王 ~ 榴蓮

By looking at the pictures below, can you guess the variety of these Durians?


IMG_9141 IMG_9127 IMG_9132 IMG_9133

Have I ever told you that I hate Durians, that is, until last Sunday?

I simply abhor their pungent smell. Unlike my husband and children, I have always avoided Durians like plague.

Then last Sunday, Vince’s mother planted nine Durians at our doorstep.

Vince was my son’s best friend and his family owns a Durian orchard up the hills near Bentong in Pahang.

Two weeks ago, Nicholas had followed them there to taste their Durians. They have also brought home a car load of Durians to be given to friends and relatives in Kuala Lumpur.

They just went there again and came back with another car load of these fruits.

I “forced” myself to eat them because I was curious about the look and smell of these Durians.

And you know what?

For the first time, I have come to taste the best Durian in the country and in my life too – the pulp was so thick yet soft, the taste was so sweet and creamy and the seeds were so flat and small. The spikes were blunt and the husks were thin. So easy to pry them!

All nine Durians turned out so perfectly well-formed and tasty.

Such glorious Durians! So different from all kampung Durians we normally buy from the roadside sellers.

The sweetness lingers long after we have thrown away the seeds and husks.

I am now a lover of Durians, but for this kind of Durians only. 🙂

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