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Do you believe it, I’m holding  a precious and authentic ceramic from Ming dynasty?

Thanks to my cameraman, Marcus!


Today I was at D7 Sentul again to sell my book, “The Scissor Sharpener’s Daughter.” The event was a talk, “Wanli Shipwreck Treasure of the South China Sea” by Ben Rongen. Besides my book, my author friend, Dennis De Witt’s books were on sale too.

The talk was a very interesting one. Merchant ships from China during the Ming Dynasty were sunk off the Peninsular Malaysia’s east coast during the 17th century while on the way to Malacca. Cargo of Ming’s white and blue ceramic went down the sea and stayed there for more than 400 years before being discovered by a team of divers.

Today, some of these pieces were on displayed at D7 Sentul. I was so excited to hold these rare, precious and historical items in my hands! Thank you, Ben Toh, for organizing this memorable event.


IMG_3018_694x521 IMG_3019_694x521

IMG_3010_694x521 IMG_3020_694x521IMG_3024_694x521

IMG_3021_694x521 IMG_3015_694x521

IMG_3018_694x521 IMG_3022_694x521

 IMG_3051_694x521 IMG_3055_694x521 IMG_3056_694x521

IMG_3049_694x521  IMG_3201_694x521 IMG_3228_694x521

IMG_3227_694x521 IMG_3180_694x521  IMG_3198_694x521

IMG_3191_694x521 IMG_3176_694x521 IMG_3143_694x521

IMG_3183_694x521 IMG_3195_694x521 IMG_3185_694x521

IMG_3219_694x521 IMG_3235_694x521 IMG_3242_694x521

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