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The article and newspaper were sent to me by a friend who knew the late Prof John Bosco. The person, currently in retirement, went through his collection of newspaper cuttings and photographs in order to tidy up so he can start writing his memoirs. He came across some old materials about Prof John Bosco, Dr Lopez of the KL Blood Bank and some Malaysian patient. It suddenly occurred to him that his friend had passed away for nearly 12 years and time passed so quickly. He wanted a favour from me, using my blog, to pay an important tribute to a friend and hope that his patients will see it and also remember his kindness.


Back from Right:  Dr Lopez (1) and Prof Bosco (2)

It is 12 years since Professor John Joseph Bosco passed away unexpectedly and it is never too late to pay tribute to a kind and caring Doctor.  I remember John working as a Registrar at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, Australia where he specialised in Immunology. After finishing his specialist training, John returned to Malaysia as a Haematologist.  In recognition of his excellent work as a clinician and teacher, he gained rapid promotion to full professorship.

Prof Bosco was instrumental in referring a number of patients for bone marrow transplantation in Sydney St Vincent’s Hospital, his alma mater hospital.  At that time, in the early 1980s, St Vincent’s was a centre of excellence in bone transplantation, heart-lung transplant and kidney transplant.   The famous heart surgeon, the late Dr Victor Chang worked there.  Many Malaysian patients’ life was save through John’s referral to the centre of excellence.

I also remember John’s wife, Professor Gracie Ong, for an act of kindness when one of my family members passed away in University Hospital in KL.

By showing these press reports, the aim is to pay tribute to the late Professor John Bosco.  The surviving patients will no doubt remember him as a kind and gentle yet highly professional person who gave them an opportunity to live a normal life.

Lest we forget.

 A Friend of Prof John Bosco

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