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It is very normal for everyone to have dreams when we sleep.

But is it normal to have recurring dreams? I ask because I always have recurring dreams.

Of course there are many nights when I do not have any dreams at all and I could sleep peacefully the night through.

Or even if I have dreams, they were forgotten the moment I woke up. I could not recall them no matter how hard I tried.

But then, there are some dreams that kept coming back from time to time, throughout the years.

Here are some of them:-

1. I kept having dreams in which I was still in school and an important public examination is  approaching. Yet I have not start any revision at all and there is only a few days left. Such dreams always made me woke up in a panic mode.

2. Sometimes I have dreams in which I kept running away from a long black thing which I think resembled a snake. Finally, it caught up with me and bit me in the legs, leaving me crying out in pain.

3. Another dream that kept coming back to me is encountering my late parents again. In such dreams, they were always young-looking and totally free from any illness. But strangely, they could not recognise me at all and appeared to be very distant and aloof when I approaches them.

4. One dream that really intrigue me is finding myself at my parent’s house in Ipoh. There were a lot of cobwebs all over the place as if nobody stays in it for a long time. I kept clearing them up but to no avail. The cobwebs appeared again the very next moment. In the end, exhausted, I finally gave up.

5. I have repeated dreams in which I went back to work again in the same company. But when I got inside the building, I could not locate my desk again. The whole place was chaotic. I could not find the familiar faces anymore. The people there were total strangers. Yet I saw my name on the duty roster on the wall. This made me feel very lonely and isolated.

I just had recurring dream number 5 last night and it left me frightened and confused….

Anyone of you out there have similar experiences too?

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