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With Nicholas away at a youth camp in another state, we decided to go back to Ipoh for a weekend break.

We want to eat our favorite foods and relax at Dad’s house.

The air and water there is so much cooler and the place quieter near the beautiful blue hills which is forever covered with white mists. Dad’s house in Ipoh is now a holiday sanctuary for us. I’m glad we do not have to travel far to get away from a maddening place like Kuala Lumpur.

Such trips are very therapeutic for us, especially for me. It’s like a balm that soothes my homesick soul. For my husband, it’s like recharging his worn out batteries. And for our daughter, she can get away from the computer for a few days.

A trip home is never complete without a meal of yong tau foo at Big Tree Foot in Pasir Pinji. We had assam laksacurry laksa, fried stuffs with fish paste, rojak and of course the cooling yellow jelly called wan tau long. Prices here are very reasonable. For around RM24, our stomachs were filled to the maximum.

We also ate at Restaurant Luk Wei Koi at Clare Street. This is my other favorite place. The crowd here is lesser than those eating shops at Leech Street where you have to fight for a place to eat. We had popiahkai see hor funhor heecaramel egg custard and a greenish colored drink called pung tai woon. The prices here are more expensive, after all, this place is very “luo chew pai”  or in English, an old eating place.

An old uncle sells ice kacang and cendol in a corner stall just behind the shop that once belonged to my third aunt. It was located directly opposite Restaurant Luk Wei Koi. We will never miss these deserts for anything.

Apart from eating in town, we went to 188 Hugh Low Street and my former school for some pictures.

We could not stay longer than we wanted to because we have to rush back to Kuala Lumpur for the Himpunan Hijau or Green Rally at Dataran Merdeka.

Anyway, this trip home had done us a lot of good….spiritually and gastronomically. Really looking forward to the next trip home.

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